Brilliant Time Saving Tips For Getting Dressed On A Busy Morning

Mornings, on busy weekdays, can often be nothing less than utter chaos. After multiple snooze buttons, when you finally manage to wake up, another daunting task awaits – figuring out what to wear. You want look presentable and if possible, more, in a matter of minutes. Now you ransack your closet over and over in utter haste, leaving your room in a pile of mess, ready to welcome you home after a hard day’s work! Whew! So, too make your morning routine a lot easier, we’ve come to the rescue with 10 smart time-saving tricks that’ll speed up your dressing routine. Try these tips and waltz through your busy mornings!

Time Saving Tips To Get Dressed

Have A Weekly Wardrobe Game Plan


Keep the weekly weather forecast in mind, the places and meetings you’ll most likely to head during the week and plan your wardrobe ahead. For instance, if the air is slightly chilly, you’ll need blazers/coats or if you’re likely to go out with friends, place your dresses/jeans in closet areas you can easily spot.
It’s a good idea to keep your options open with 2-3 extra outfits, just in case your mood calls for a change. Also, versatile clothes and shoes that can be mix-and-matched always come handy.

Plan Your Outfit The Night Before
It can sound like the back-to-school days, but keeping the next day’s outfit all prepped and ready the night before, can help save a lot of morning time.
If you gym or jog in the morning, keep your track suits, sports bra and running shoes spread out and ready.

Hair Wash Tricks


Dry shampoos are a life-saver to busy people. Most of all, it removes oiliness and actually give hair a blow-dry look!
Need a hair wash badly? Give your hair a good shampoo the night before, you’ll get a more peaceful sleep and wake up with perfect no-fuss hair.

Section Your Wardrobe
Separate your work-out clothes, office clothes, regular clothes and party wears. One shouldn’t have to go shuffle through mini-skirts to reach for gym clothes. When you’re in a rush, it is even more difficult to find stuffs that you want!

Never Keep Unwashed/Stained/Dirty Clothes In The Closet
Imagine having to rush through dressing in 2 mins and finding a stain in your shirt as you step out. Annoying! That’s why dirty clothes need to be kept in the laundry basket. Only neat or dry-cleaned clothes should be kept in the closet.
Any blouses with a missing button or so, don’t hang it in the closet unless you’ve mended it. You’ll thank us!

Organize Your Make-up


There are certain make-up that you wear to parties and a different one for work. Keep these two separate, it’ll be easier for you to search for that nude lipstick that you wear to office.

Carry Essential Grooming Items In Your Bag


Carry a small make-up pouch in your handbag with essentials like comb, hand mirror, CC cream, lip-and-cheek tint, an eye-shadow stick that doubles as a brow pencil and rubber bands. The travel time can prove enough to prep your face.
Include safety pins as well for emergency wardrobe malfunctions or as an easy fix for gaping shirt buttons.
For those who wear glasses, keep a spare in your bag. It isn’t easy to find glasses when one can’t see without them, is it?

Don’t Mix Your Office Jewelleries With Fancy/Junk Accessories


When it comes to daily office wear, subtle delicate jewelleries are the preferred choice. Keep these separate from your gorgeous statement jewelleries. This way, you won’t have to untangle through a pile of accessories to search for your simple gold/silver chain.

Keep Essential Items By The Door
Watch, keys, 2 pairs of versatile earrings and some cash, keep these in a bowl by the front door drawer. You can just grab them on the go! During rainy season, always hang the umbrella and raincoat by the door.

De-Clutter Your Wardrobe
You might think that having more clothes will make dressing easier. Wrong! The more, the messier, unless of course, there’s a well organized walk-in closet involved.
Section your closet into wardrobes that you can easily access. Some people like their skirts, trousers and dresses separated while some find it easier when the likely combinations are kept together. Plan as you please!

Leg Chain Designs For Teenagers

Ever since Jacqueline Fernandes flaunted her self-designed “Jegling” or a leg chain in one of her latest releases, the accessory has started gaining popularity in the Indian circles. Although the trend had gained momentum overseas, it is now good to see people appreciate it here as well. Simple and super cool, these leg chains are meant to make you stand out in your sexy summer outfits.

So, if you are a teenager, ready to take a plunge into the pool or willing to make a statement at the next party, here are some of the gorgeous leg chain designs to choose from.

Teardrops With Ethnic Motifs


This amazing thigh chain has ample potential to pep up those short dresses in solid hues.

Charms And Trinkets

Show off your pious beliefs or wear your good luck with every step you take!


The Kiss Of Gold

Mostly, you are likely to come across a silver leg chain but designs such as these wouldn’t have looked better unless in gold. Colours like red and burgundy give it an almost bridal appeal.


Something To Wear Everyday

Thigh chain online trends are as much about practicality as they are about aesthetics. And that is why this cute butterfly design tops our list of favourites.


Coins For The Traveler

If you love travelling or believe that your gypsy soul deserves a unique makeover, all you need is this line of coins resting on your legs.


Coins For The Lady

Add some colour to the coin design and the piece becomes oh-so-ready for a dinner-party staple. And you are free to sport them over stockings for that air of romantic elegance.



If you love the idea of mermaids, here is a way to get closer to it. Imagine these pearl strings adorning your thighs as you take a walk along the beach. Yeah!


Tough Yet Trendy

If you are not too much into the girly stuff, this thick chain is just the perfect design for you. Be trendy while being yourself. That’s what it’s all about.


More For The Tough girl

Here’s another on the same lines. We love that silvery shine and the simple fish silhouette.


Oriental Inspirations

There is something purely other-worldly about this piece. And yet the dangling extensions stir up an element of nostalgia. If you are a follower of oriental cultures, you would completely understand and agree.


Dainty And Fashionable

Steal the show with this pretty, delicate motif in gold. Looks almost like a jeweled tattoo and the thin lines of chains add that much needed barely-there look.


Layers Of Gold


Or silver or any other metal that you love. This is as straightforward as it can get. Leg chains. Remember?

Edgy Spikes

Designs such as these work extremely well with sky-coloured sun dresses and flowing skirts. Sweet, charming and just beautiful.


5-Minute Beauty Routine That Works Like Magic


We’ve all been there. Too lazy to dress up, too bored to step out, the early morning hassles before leaving for work. In short, being pressed for time when our looks should be getting all the attention. But who ever said that a beauty routine at home needs to be as long as a bride takes to be ready?

Yes, there is your hair, the clothes, shoes and so much else to be put together in perfection but even then, it is possible to get ready in as less as five minutes. Don’t believe us. Just try out these amazing DIY beauty tricks that we have shortlisted for you.


Just like a clean, well-primed canvas offers richness to a painting, good skin makes your make-up stand out better. So, less is always more because instead of perfecting any flaws, you’d end up using your perfect skin like a base for your beauty routine. And here’s how to achieve that kind of skin easily.

  • Always hold on to sunscreen. It prevents tanning and slows down ageing. Result: Bright and smooth skin
  • Keep fresh cleansing wipes handy to remove grime as well as make-up at the end of the day
  • Use face blotters to soak up excess oils from your skin
  • Keep your skin well moisturised and healthy from within


If you are asking for easy beauty tips then make no mistake, bold lips are your saviour. Even if you haven’t got time to apply foundation or eye make-up, highlighting your lips will take care of everything else. A richly painted pout is the easiest and the most time-saving trick that you can try when you’re in a hurry. Also, bold shades tend to last longer through the day. Bonus!


Whether it is to draw the perfect cat-eye or to create a romantic smokey look, eyes take time. Yeah, and that is why you need these eye-specific 5-min beauty tips:


  • Line and curl hand-in-hand. Just dab some kohl or liner on to the edges of your lash-curler. You get the drift of it!
  • Cut out stencils for creating different liner styles. You can find all sorts of cat-eye and tight-lined templates online. Use these as a quick fix to eyeliner woes


Nails matter too and if you don’t have time for elaborate artworks, go for a quickie. Paint them in your favourite colour and place small bits of metal foil to create a mosaic. Let it dry and a transparent top coat later will seal it all in place. There are several similar ways to create 5-minute nail arts. Just use your creativity and imagination to come up with your own.


There are bad hair days and they can come up at the most inopportune time. However, don’t let that interfere with your planning for a good day out or at work. Get in tune with these hacks and life will become much easier thereafter.

  • Pick a different wash and style routine:
    Wash your hair in the evening and braid it in two, before going to bed. You will be surprised at the beautiful waves you wake up to
  • The partial cleaning trick:
    If you don’t have time to wash dirty hair, you can simply wash your bangs and tie up the remainder into a gorgeous bun or ponytail
  • Keep it under cover:
    If it is a bad hair day, it’s time to experiment with a new hairstyle. Use a trendy scarf or hat to complement your outfit and secure your hair at once

How To Wear White With Elegance This Summer?

white for summer

There is something about this neutral that spells class. It’s clean, simple and chic. Whether a set of pearls, a tote or just a dress, anything in white offers immense styling possibilities. What’s more? It could very well classify to be the best colour or non-colour for the summer season. Because we all know that it keeps us cool.
Let’s see how easy it is to allow white to rule the summer trends.

Flare It Up

Flared linen pants are an absolute must-have this summer. Not fitted like jeans and not too old-season like the palazzo. Basic linen pants will have an artsy air that you can pull off effortlessly. Pair it with an ethnic shrug to get all eyes on you.


Throw In Some Nudes


An extremely beautiful combination, whites and beiges will work perfectly at work, at home or even when it’s just another day out. The coolness of the shades blend into the most elegant vision when you do it right. As an alternative, you could also try some black stripes and highlights instead of the nudes.

Turn Up The Denim Summer Fashion


We can never go wrong with the good old denim. But this time, think boyfriend-jeans and light-weight summer blazers to break the clichés.

Bring In The Lacey Elegance


We are not trying to dress you up like a bride but a little lace never did any harm. If you are still worried about how to wear white lace then you can always pick up a balanced set. For example, a nude skirt with white lace-work or a white lace top paired with a denim jacket. Now, that’s so not bridal!

Embrace Subtle Prints


To keep your prints in tune with summer, look for something that is not too heavy or cluttered. Faint florals or abstracts could be a good idea. You can also choose to keep it all white while your bag is covered in such prints.

Make A Statement With Jewellery


The white trend is the best opportunity for you to flaunt a statement neckpiece or a quirky belt. Not only will the lack of colour highlight your style, it would help strike the perfect balance between purity and adornment.

Keep It Light With Jumpsuits And shorts

What’s summer without shorts? It’s time to take out interesting T-shirts that can go well with white shorts. And if you choose a jumpsuit, make it look cute with some beads and colourful, strappy sandals.

Walk Like A Lady In Maxi Dresses


We love maxi dresses. They have the old-world feel as you step out in them while being extremely contemporary when it comes to fabric and silhouette. You can walk like a lady from the 17th century while fitting perfectly in the trendy scene of today. Polka dotted accessories, large sunglasses and footwear in your favourite colours will complete the look easily. And if you want, you can also sport a bold pout and well decorated nails.

Top 5 Ways To Protect Your Heels

Among the many beauty problems that women face, cracked heel and dry feet are probably a recurrent one. A change in the weather or even the slightest neglect of foot care can be some of the easily evident cracked heel causes. In addition, a lack of moisture and nourishment to the skin can also encourage this problem. So, what can we do about it?

Simple day to day remedies can be highly helpful in making the problem diminish or even go away altogether. We have compiled some of the easiest ways in which you can protect your heels.

Diagnosing The Real Cause Of Cracked Heels

Are your heels cracking because they are too dry? When was the last time you saw your feet healthy and soft? Are there any hygiene issues? Could your diet be lacking something and leading to cracked heel deficiency?

You need to ask yourself all these questions and also give the answers yourself. This would help you to understand why exactly you facing this problem. Eventually, as you begin to investigate the causes of your cracked heels, you would be able to choose the right way in which you can treat your feet and bring back the lost softness.

A Daily Scrub
Scrubbing your feet with a pumice stone is the best cracked heel cure. You need to know that in most cases, cracked heels are caused when the dead skin is not removed regularly. This leads to an unnatural thickening of that area which is then prone to cracks and cuts. A daily scrub would also let you get away without a pedicure. You can also use vegetable oil and lemons to moisturise and clean your feet.

Regular Pedicurecracked-heel-soak
A regular pedicure at a trusted salon is more important than you think. Pedicure makes your feet look well-groomed and also helps in keeping foot problems at bay. Make sure that your pedicurist uses thoroughly sanitised tools or else you may get foot infections. To be on the safer side, you can also think of carrying your own kit every time you go to the salon.

Good cracked heel cream
Using A Good Cracked Heel Cream
Apply a good cream meant for cracked heels after every bath and before you go to sleep. Let the cream work itself on the cracks as you let your feet rest without disturbances.

Protection From Dust And UV Rays
If you are prone to cracked heels, then it is extremely important to protect yourself from dust and UV rays. These two elements can cause the skin to become brittle, unhealthy and prone to breakage. The best way to protect your feet is to wear footlets or socks every time you go out. In case you feel that the socks may not go well with your attire, you can get blacks and nudes and remove them when you reach your destination. Also, you can find transparent footlets with renowned brands. Try grabbing a couple of those.

Cracked Heel At Home Remedy

This is a very simple trick that you can try in case the cracks are extremely severe. Sometimes, prolonged neglect can worsen the condition and even daily scrubbing can become very painful. Try this three step home remedy before the severity increases.

Step 1: Cracked Heel Essential Oil
Grab a handful of warm essential oils specifically meant for foot care. Massage your feet thoroughly and leave it on for 10 minutes.

Step 2: Cracked Heel Soak
Once you feel that your feet have absorbed most of the oil, it is time for a good cracked heel foot soak. Preferably, you should take some warm water and lather it up using some shampoo or body wash. Keep the feet soaked for 15- 20 minutes and then begin the scrubbing. The oil and the shampoo would have softened the skin and it would also reduce pain caused by scrubbing. Once that is done, you can wash off and wipe the feet dry.

Step 3: Cracked Heel Glycerin
Finally, you need to retain the healthy moisture so that the tender skin does not begin to hurt again. Use some regular glycerin on the heels or keep them dry using talcum powder in case you need to go out in a hurry.

5-Minute Tips To Organize And Declutter

De-cluttering isn’t as simple as it sounds. There is a mental, emotional struggle that comes with every decision of giving away or destroying items. Decluttering is a process and cannot be achieved at one go, but rather has to be done in small steps. We’ve picked 10 best tips to organize your space. What’s more, it’s easy and quick – just 5 mins once or twice a week and walk towards long-term clutter-free commitment.

Goodbye stuff
Simple 5 Mins Declutter Tips
  • Broken Or Damaged Appliances
    Broken, damaged or missing a part, don’t bother fixing that heater, blender, hairdryer or vacuum. Nowadays, it much cheaper and hassle free to get a replacement
  • Mismatched Chargers
    How many chargers do you have with no idea where to plug in? With technology changing so fast, chances are high that you won’t find use of it anymore. Get rid of them
  • Earrings/Socks With No Match
    Turned your room upside down, gone through your stuffs countless times just to find that missing pair of earrings or socks, all without success? The odds of finding it are 1 in 100. Much better to make room for a new pair!

    Underwear or socks with a hole – don’t even think twice, just toss them away

  • Gifts, Coffee Mugs And Decorative Items
    From birthdays, weddings, anniversaries to festive holidays, our year is lined up with gifting occasions. Just about how many decorative items or coffee mugs do one need? Above all, there is always a strong sentiment attached to gifts – a classic scenario of clutter. Donate or give it to someone who needs it, one at a time!
  • Scented Candles

scented candles

Scented candles make for lovely gifts but candle wax tend to collect dust easily and are difficult to clean. So don’t just let the candles sit there for decoration, put it to use, lit up and enjoy.

  • Decluttering The Wardrobe

Decluttering the wardrobe

Keep an empty box or basket near your closet. Every Sunday, take 5 mins to go through your closet. Pick out clothes that you don’t wear anymore, that don’t fit well or are uncomfortable to wear. Keep them in the basket.

It is okay if you pick just 1 item or none. Just keep rotating the closet space every week. In a few months, you’ll have 3-10 unused clothes in the basket. After 6 months, look at the basket, decide if you want any of the items back in your closet and then, donate the rest!

  • Kitchen Decluttering

Kitchen decluttering

Food containers or pots that are stained or scorched or without lid look unsightly in the kitchen and most importantly, unhealthy. Time to swap with new containers!

Most of us have this urge to go shop for the exotic spices that we see on TV food shows like MasterChef. And why not! But then, how often do we use these? Spices lose their essence quickly. Take 2 minutes to check the expiry date or the smell, and get rid of anything past its use.

  • Magazines And Stationery Items
    Unless it’s your favourite issue, give away any magazine over six months old. Spotted a good article or a recipe? Cut that page out and keep in a binder. Don’t keep the whole magazine for the sake of one editorial! Cancel any subscription that you don’t read regularly.

    Pen or makers with little or no ink, broken pencils/crayons – just toss them in the bin

  • Make-ups And Cosmetics

Make-ups and cosmetics

A common scenario in most homes if of half used shampoos, body lotions along with a stock of new bottles. Here’s a trick – even if you find it convenient to keep extra stock, don’t open it unless you’ve emptied the used bottle.

With make-up products like lipsticks and eyeliners, it is very easy to go overboard. Once a month, take a few minutes to check the expiry dates on products over a year old. Throw away items pass its expiry date.

  • Unplug And Meditate

Unplug and meditate

Decluttering is not only for tangible items but also for the mind and soul. Take 5 minutes of your daily routine, turn off your phones, ipads and just unplug your mind. Meditation helps bring peace, calm and perspective to how you deal with life

Decluttering can be very difficult initially but gradually, one will realize how free, in-control and peaceful it becomes. Give yourself permission to declutter your home, your surroundings and your mind

Beach Wear Trends To Rule This Season

Beach wear

Summers have arrived and there are a few things we all look forward to, quite excitedly. This surely is the best time of the year to dive inside a pool, hit the beach or just sit pretty next to sparkling blue waters. The season also inspires us to acquire a perfect bikini body and the perfect set of swimwear. So when swimwear weeks took place around the world, we scouted for you the hottest beach trends to rule this season! Here are some of the top beachwear trends that you should definitely consider wearing this season, and they are here to stay.

High Neck Crop Top
High Neck Crop Tops

This uber cute retro style did creep up here and there last season, but has now reached its trend peak. The best part about this trend is that you can thrown on a pair of high waisted shorts, or a mini skirt with a denim jacket and you will transition from beach to bar in just a snap.

Surfer Chic
Surfer Chic

Boho girl from Cali or just like the way those girls dress? Doesn’t matter really, because you can totally get away with this look. 2016 is about this new look that we call the surfer chic look! Check Maaji 2016 collection or even the Vitamin A 2016 collection. The look involves masterfully combining active wear and swimwear into a malti-faceted and multi-functioning collection.

Crochet Crazy
Crochet Crazy

The more intricate the design, the more we LOVE IT. Check out Acacia’s swimwear 2016. It is going to win you over with elaborate pieces of crochet work. Even Bettinis 2016 collection is nailing this crochet craze, by giving us swimwear in a range of vibrant and stunning colors.

Strappy sass
Strappy Sass

The caged strappy look is another look that is simply sexy as hell, no other way about it. It lets your body play peek-a-boo with the sunshine, giving some amazing exposure to your body and leaving the rest to imagination. The only negative is that you may end up with some pretty weird looking tan lines.

Aztech and Geometrics
Aztec And Geometrics

The aztec trend never really left, clearly. This season is totally print-fabulous. Check out the Seafolly 2016 collection, which is basically going to print heaven. Wide color collages and crazy geometrics are seriously hot right now.

Sporty Chic
Sporty chic Source:[/caption]
Keyhole Cutouts

Cutouts are sexy, period. But even better than those are keyhole cutout swimsuits. These peek-a-boo spots are popping up in the fronts, sides and backs of swimsuits and they are looking simply fabulous.

Neutral Tones
Neutral Tones

There are always designers that go for bright colors, embellishments and bold prints. But what about the ones who keep it subtle? They are just as good as the bold ones. Neutral shades like mauve, beige and all variations of nude are pretty trendy too. These colors also let you play up the design and structure of your swimsuit.

Resort wear
Resort Wear

Yes, we are talking about beach wear trends, but what about the apparel we use to cover up until we get to the beach and leave it? Cover-ups, rompers, jumpers, kimonos, pants and shorts have taken the resort wear runways by storm. Check out the Mikoh Swimwear 2016 collections and see an amazing balance of high fashion beachwear coverups! You are going to fall in love with them in a second, we promise.

So those were the beachwear trends that are ruling this season, which one’s ruling you? We would love to know in the comments below!

Bridal Makeup Do’s And Don’ts


The most special day in a woman’s life is the day of her wedding. All eyes on her, right? No wonder brides prep so much for their wedding including their outfits for the various ceremonies, the hair and makeup, the venue, food and tons of other things. Most brides hire a makeup and hair artist for their wedding day, but please don’t make the mistake of thinking that your job is done there. Some research on the do’s and don’ts of your makeup won’t hurt. Quickly go through these tips about your bridal makeup and save up on last minute panic attacks:


Beautiful bride

Always Do Referencing For Your Bridal Makeup
This will be helpful as you can fix the mistake in your makeup trial itself. Get images of makeup that you like and let the makeup artist try them on you. Remember that if you have the skin tone of Dita Von Teese, then the kind of makeup that Kim Kardashian applies wont translate the same way on you! Dream all you want about how beautiful you will look, but don’t forget to be realistic.

Makeup Kit

Its Your Wedding, So Don’t Let Anything Hinder You From Choosing The Best
This includes your makeup. Whether it’s a foundation, concealer, lip or eye products, go for the best brands in the market like M.A.C, Kryolan, Dior, Chanel, etc. These products will see you through your wedding day with utmost ease.

use individual lashes

Use Individual Lashes, Always
They make your eyes stand out better and also are way more subtle than full lash strips. Try differing lenghts of lashes for a natural fluttery look. Also, nestle them carefully between your natural lashes rather than fixing them above the natural ones.

Bridal Makeup

Beautiful And Different Bridal Makeup
Remember that your bridal makeup needs to be visibly different from your everyday makeup. Start by making your skin even and smooth, then start adding color to your eyes, cheeks and lips to give them a bridal glow.

Highlight browbone

Highlight Browbone
The best way to finish off your makeup is with a highlighter shade on your browbone. This will make your eyes pop in the best way possible. Light matte shade is perfect, pat it onto the outer corner of the brow bone and draw attention this area of your face.


Beautiful bride

Let The Makeup Artist Hijack Your Look
For their wedding, lots of brides have a fixed idea of what they want their look to be like. But some don’t, and the makeup artist may become overly experimental and make you look like someone you are completely not. A wedding look is a more polished version of yourself, not a new version of yourself. Don’t ever forget this and let someone have their way with your best look.

Bridal makeup

Don’t Apply Makeup Only On Face
Don’t just apply makeup to your face, but also apply it to your neck and shoulders. This will ensure that your face is not a separate entity but a continuation of your body. Everything needs to look uniform in order to look your natural best.

Too Glossy too matte

Too Glossy Or Too Matte
Too much of anything is bad, and that applies to makeup as well. Avoid lipsticks which are at extreme ends of the texture scale. A moisturising, satin finish lipstick will be best for a wedding, it will also wear off more evenly and naturally. Also, several thin layers of it will be blotted between applications giving them the most long-lasting finish.

No over makeup

Don’t Keep Putting On More And More Layers Of Makeup
It’s a total myth that it has to be plastered on for photographs. Lots of wedding photography is done in natural light, and if you choose a heavy base then the makeup will be quite obvious. When it comes to turning the flash on, make sure that your T-Zone is matte and this can be achieved with fine translucent powders and blotting powders. Layers and layers of makeup are not the solution.


DON’T EVER RUSH. Take your own sweet time for your wedding makeup to be done perfectly. 45 minutes atleast should be dedicated for the same.

Introducing Rose Quartz And Serenity – Colors Of The Year 2016!!

Source: Pantone.Com
Every holiday season, we all wait for Pantone Color Institute to announce the hue for the coming year. Well this year they surprised us by choosing for the very first time not one but two colors for the year 2016.
A double serving of his-and-hers cotton candy. That’s one way to describe this year’s much-anticipated Colors of the Year pick from the Pantone.

These colors being a blush pink called Rose Quartz and a tranquility inspiring soft blue called Serenity. By selecting two soothing, airy pastels, Pantone has a message for us all: Chill out.


Are you eager to know why Pantone selected two colors this year? Well according to the executive director Leatrice Eiseman, by Choosing two hues with gender symbolism reflects the gender blur and fluidity that is taking place in fashion and the culture at large.

Their philosophy behind launching these two colors has very beautifully been explained in the video below:


Source: Pinterest.Com

It’s easy to include both Rose Quartz and Serenity into your wardrobe this year. The colors are very soft and can easily be worn in a monochromatic manner to create a statement, or in subtle dashes such as accessories. Since these colors were selected because they work in harmony, you don’t have to be shy about wearing them paired together. However, to avoid a childish combination, select one color as your focus and add sprinkles of the other to pull the look together flawlessly. Also try pairing the combination with silver, golds or hot brights for more “splash and sparkle.”


Color # 1- Rose Quartz- this was a much predicted color this year and was also seen worn by many celebrities. Rose Quartz is a soft pastel rose pink hue and name is inspired by crystal stone also known as “the stone of love”. It is also believed to letting go of negative emotions and bringing positive vibes.

Source: Pinterest.Com

Whether you choose to wear sheath dresses, gowns, cardigans, flared short skirts or jackets, Anarkalis or Lehengas, this color will totally make you look up to date with the latest fashion. It could act as a neutral, or make a statement without being overwhelming, depending on how you style it. Complimentary on most complexions, Rose Quartz is great for daytime events, interviews, and looks fabulous on a makeup palette.

Here are some of the ways to wear this color and look like a Diva :
Sandwich a Rose Quartz skirt between a black top and black pumps for a sophisticated look that’s perfect for winter.

Source: Pinterest.Com

A girly outfit that includes a pink jacket and a pink bow would work wonders in both winter and spring. Balance the look with an edgy touch of leopard or you can try this monochromatic pastel outfit that will look irresistibly chic this Winters.
Source: Pinterest.Com

Consider working a menswear-inspired style. A pastel blazer will give you a lot of bang for your buck; you’l l wear it with everything from denim to dresses. Also you can Pair your Rose Quartz outfit with some Rose Gold accessories like a belt, bag or shoes.
Source: Instagram.Com

Our Bollywood Diva, Sonam Kapoor is a fan of the Pantone color of the year! She has worn lehengas and sarees in
the same color a lot many times, over the past few months.

Rose Quartz looks best with silver embroidery and jewelry, or pale gold jewelry.

Source: Instagram.Com

A little rose didn’t harm anyone and this Gauri and Nainika gown worn by Kriti Sanon is a stunner and gives us a lesson on pairing Rose Quartz with bold color. There’s just a little bit of rose quartz in this gown which makes it stand out!


Color #2-Serenity– this is perfectly named calm, periwinkle blue. Well it is not very easy to incorporate but definitely worth the try. Serenity is buoyant and airy, like the expanse of the blue sky above us, bringing feelings of respite and relaxation even in turbulent times.

Source: Pinterest.Com

From a stylish serenity skirt to a warm serenity coat, you can almost wear the serenity pieces for all year around. The color can be paired with black, grey, white and any other colors for an effortlessly cool style with ease. It is also a good idea to wear head-to-toe serenity outfits if you are really into this shade. When it comes to the footwear, you can choose from flats, pumps and boots depending on different occasions.

The cool blue shade is the perfect juxtaposition to Rose Quartz, or works well alone. It’s great for a weekend look or a day in the office. With the right accessories, it’s a pretty colour for going out, as well.

Below are some outfit Insiprations and ways to pair them :

Source: Pinterest.Com

Serenity pairs well with neutrals like shades of tan, whether it’s a light shade like almond or a dark hue like camel. Look for this shade when you’re choosing bags, belts and shoes to go with your Serenity outfit like this long flowly dress.
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This hue is perfect with denims. Worn with dark jeans, it serves a purpose that navy never can: It allows you to wear all blue without being totally monochromatic.
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A serenity blue crop top and skirt is a cool combination which is spiced up by a Serenity blue blazer. This outfit can be neutralized by black heels and a structured bag
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Accordion skirts, circle skirts, pencil skirts, and even dress pants like palazzo and culottes in Serenity or Rose Quartz hues look great with basic tops whether it’s a tank top, turtleneck, sweater, structured blazer, or button down shirt. Just go for muted shades like neutrals or pastels to avoid overshadowing your Pantone palette. These color choices can be great for your office outfit, fancy outfit, and even casual-chic looks that call for a feminine and gentle fashion style.

To make a bolder statement, wear two Pantone shades in one outfit. Serenity blue dress will look great with a pair of Rose Quartz shoes as well as Serenity clutch with Rose Quartz blazer.

How to wear Rose Quartz and Serenity in Beauty

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Sephora and Pantone are making consumers think pink — and pale blue — with their latest makeup tie-in. The collection includes a 24-shade pan eye-color palette, lip glosses and lipsticks to choose from.

Rose Quartz and Serenity translate well to beauty and adding on-trend-hues to your beauty routine is so much fun ! Here are some ways you can update your looks with these colors:

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Rose Quartz lip is a good alternative to the traditional nude. Pale pink lips flatter most skin tones and can really brighten up your complexion.
If you are a big fan of pinks on the lips, eyes and nails- Rose Quartz is a very soft and wearable shade. The Rose Quartz is the perfect pink and not overpowering, appropriate for work yet still fun for the weekend. Pale pink blush with a slight golden tint gives your cheeks a flattering, rosy glow. This color offers a variety of lip, cheek and eye palette options, as well as hues for nail color and is flattering against many skin tones.
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Serenity is less versatile than Rose Quartz but it is a beautiful and cooler alternative to a classic smokey eye. Blue hue compliment the brown eyes well and acts as a cool neutral and will look good with pretty much anything. If you are someone who doesn’t like to experiment with colours on your face, you can add this color on the nails. The Icy blues nails look very chic during winters.
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Eyes are arguably the most wearable way to add these two Pantone colors to your routine. You can also go a step further and do a gradient design on your nails inspired by Pantone’s Colors of the Year Rose Quartz and Serenity.


Emporio Armani Spring 2016
Emporio Armani Spring 2016
Vionnet Spring 2016
Vionnet Spring 2016
Chanel put the two colors together in its haute couture collection for fall 2015. Prada did the same for spring-summer, as did Fendi and Armani. Thom Browne put the color merge front and center for his 2016 resort collection for women, while Richard James and Roberto Cavalli used the two together for men on spring 2016 runways.

Blurring gender lines on catwalks had Valentino showing pale pink athletic-inspired shoes for men with a band of serenity blue, along with leather backpacks showing off geometric splashes of the same shades.

Pantone also said that the two colors are popular choices for jewelry, fashion accessories and wearable technology.


Sonakshi Sinha And Alia Bhatt Wearing The Color Rose Quartz
Sridevi And Kajol In The Color Serenity
Sonam Kapoor Wears The Color Serenity At Cannes 2014
Seems 2016 is going to be a colorful year for all of us. With the New Year, it’s time to change from Marsala to rose quartz or serenity.

How To Apply Kajal Perfectly With A Pencil?


Tight-lined, smoked, blended or defined in dramatic styles. Eyes adorned with kohl can make you look like the girl next door, the matter-of-fact professional, the fun-loving diva or just your own unique self. The possibilities that are offered by this simple stick of makeup are more than you can imagine. All you need to do is to go ahead and explore.

First things first, you should be absolutely clear on how to highlight that curve perfectly. And just to get started, here is how your most ordinary kajal pencil can come handy.

Get All The Stuff You Need


Yeah and that is not too much to ask for. Staying organised is the stepping stone to becoming a pro at eye makeup. Get your “tools” in one place. Soft tissues, a mirror and your kajal pencil. If the latter is not new, you might also need a sharpener to carve a fine point. The stronger the tip, the easier is the application. In addition, you can also get your mascara and eyeliner if you’d like a more elaborate look.

Pick A Style

Before you start applying the kohl, it is very important to be clear about what style you want to define your eyes in. Here are a few options.

  • Apply thick lines on the upper as well as the lower lash
  • Break some rules and ditch the liner. Apply a rough line on the top lid
  • Darken the lower lash line and leave the top bare
  • Go simple with the smokey eye. Just put a thick line on the upper lid and blend it upwards using your fingers or smudging brush
  • Create double lines of winged eyes. Just mimic the direction of your winged eyeliner on the bottom lid, using your kajal pencil
  • Create the perfect doe eyes by swirling the kohl lines in mini “U’s” on the edge
  • 6
  • Play with colours like white, teal or brown. Use them instead of the usual black or in combination with it. The latter looks extremely glamorous and unique
Start With These Steps

Coming down to the actual process, here are the steps to apply kohl perfectly with a pencil.

  • Make Your Waterline Prominent
    Begin by lightly lining your bottom lid with the pencil. Just as you would create a sketch on paper, carefully create the line that you would want to intensify later on
  • Start Filling In
    Always work your way inwards when filling your eyelid with kohl. This helps in keeping it symmetrical for both eyes while allowing you the freedom to maintain a particular style that you have chosen
  • Add The Special Effects
    After you are done with the basics, you can go on adding more to it by creating smokey eye or enhancing the lashes with mascara. Don’t forget to put eyeliner on the top lid
  • Wipe Off The Unwanted Residue
    While using a kajal pencil, some of the kohl may fall on your skin as black dust or powder. Be careful to pick these particles away with soft tissues. Or else, they may end up staining your face in ways least appealing

Depending on your preferred style and the time you can spare, the simple kohl pencil can be used effectively for creating multiple looks. You can also use reference images from The Style Circle to get that perfection every time you apply kajal.