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10 Amazing Ways To Reuse Old Silk Sarees!!

10 Amazing Ways To Reuse Old Silk Sarees!!

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Sarees are the most timeless and graceful garment in a woman’s wardrobe. Although we love our sarees yet we have several of them which we haven’t worn for ages. We have kept them, as we have sentimental value attached to them e.g. wedding sarees or sarees passed on to us by our mothers or grandmothers. Just the sheer thought of giving them away makes us emotional. But you will be surprised to know that there are a lot of ways in which you can reuse your old sarees (or your mom’s old saree) that you no longer wish to wear the conventional way!! Be it the lovely Kanjivaram silks, Brocade or Banarasi Silk, Printed Silk crepes or even cotton silk, just get creative and transform them into something super trendy and stylish.

Here are some of the ways you can give a new twist to your old Silk sarees.

1. Silk Lehenga

Silk Lehenga
Source: Pinterest.Com

A Silk Lehenga can never go out of trend and look really beautiful and royal. A silk saree can be transformed into a gorgeous Lehenga. You are sure to catch an eye next time you step out wearing this Lehenga to a wedding or family gathering.

2. Anarkali And Salwar Suits

Anarkali and Salwar Suits
Source: Instagram.Com

You can easily transform your old sarees into long and elegant Anarkalis. Given the length of the sarees, it’s easy to create floor length Anarkalis or beautiful suits out of these Sarees. Suits made out of silk sarees look classy and resplendent and are trending now.

3. Evening Gowns

Evening gowns
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A saree can be transformed into a classy and stylish evening gown which you can wear to your next party. The richness of the silk fabric will make the outfit look royal and stunning. So girls what are you waiting for? Just rush to a boutique nearby and ask the designer to transform your mom’s silk saree into a beautiful gown to wear to your next party.

4. Palazzos

Source: Instagram.Com

Palazzos are in vogue these days and getting one stitched from a Silk saree looks very trendy. Team these silk Palazzos created from the sarees with your favorite top {short or long} and look like a diva!

5. Dresses

Source: Pnterest.Com

When traditional patterns meet contemporary styles, a new fashion statement is created that brings out uniqueness. You can get a little creative and get dresses stitched out of your sarees and be the next trend setter. A stiff raw silk, Kota or Chanderi silk sarees would look lovely and creating dresses out of them will be a fantastic fusion.

6. Long Jackets And Short Tops

Long jackets and short tops
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A bright color silk long jacket look very chic for various events and gathering. You can team these jackets with suits or sarees and look dazzling. You can also transform your old silk saree into a short top or kurti and wear it with your favorite Jeans, leggings or Skirts and look gorgeous.

7. Dupattas And Scarves

Dupattas and Scarves
Source: Indianroots.Com

You can use your old silk sarees to make a lovely dupatta or a stoles which can be teamed up with Anarkalis or Kurtis of your choice. Sarees like Kanjeevarams or printed silks make stunning dupattas and stoles. If your sarees are not in good state, still you can use them without throwing them away to make scarves to wear with T shirts, jeans or Skirt and tops. They never go out of fashion!!

8. Skirts

Source: Jaypore.Com

Look stunning by getting long flowy skirts or wraparounds made out of your old silk sarees. This way you can get a beautiful piece of clothing out of old sarees while still retaining all their charm and beauty. You can also get your old silk saree transformed into a beautiful short skirt for yourself and look fab.

9. Home Furnishings

Home Furnishings
Source: Pinterest.Com

Make attractive curtains, cushion covers, bed Lenin and many other home décor stuff you could think of out of your beautiful old sarees. Get creative and transform these old sarees into beautiful furnishing to decorate your home.

10. Bags And Other Accessories

Bags and  Other Accessories
Source: Pinterest.Com

We can never have enough bags. Silk handbags look stunning and add to the numerous bags we already have. Making little shiny bags, potlis or pouches out of the old silk sarees can be very creative. These silk bags look spectacular when carried with ethnic outfits in parties and gatherings.

Don’t let even the smallest piece of your old and valuable silk sarees go waste. Use these small pieces of saree as accessories for your head. Make a bandana, use it as a hair tie or a head band and make a fashion statement.

These are some of the innovative ways to use your stunning old Silk sarees!! This is just not it- there a many more things that you can do with your sarees. You just need to get a little creative and look around. So, next time someone in your house decides to give away all their old silk sarees, stop them!! Because now you know some amazing ways in which you can revive and re-use these old sarees.

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