10 Awesome Perks Of Being A Woman!

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The world is an unfair place, true. Completely true, what’s with the gender inequality really? Inspite of so many struggles, men still have a higher place in society than women do. And we hate it, we do. But what we don’t realise sometimes is the amazing perks we get by simply being us, women. There are tons of them really, and if we start putting down each one then the list is probably going to be endless. So as women’s day draws closer, we decided to thrown in the top 10 perks that we get by being a woman:

1. We Can Act Naturally

We can act naturally

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Yeah, believe it or not, this is the top perk of being a woman. We can cry if we are sad, or eat a tub of icecream if we are happy. It doesn’t really matter what we do, all that is needed is the will to do it. Want to cry over a boy and bitch about him to your friends? No big deal. As women, we can basically be completely self indulgent about each and every emotion that we have.

2. We Are Always The Innocent Ones

We are always the innocent ones

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Basically since the male race has established that they can majorly screw up in various areas of life, the women from venus get a preference almost every time because lots of people simply don’t believe that we can do something wrong. No one believes at first glance that a woman can lie. We are always the innocent poor things who got hurt, and sometimes, that can really come handy, cant it?

3. Girl Stuff Is The Best

Girl stuff is the best

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We are never judged for all that makeup, long drives, bubble baths and all the amazing girly stuff invented by mankind. We can drive around in our cars blasting Britney Spears, and it is perfectly normal. Because we are just indulging ourselves after all, right? We can basically experience each of life’s small and big pleasures without anyone questioning our ‘womanhood’.

4. Men Are Expected To Have Some Standards, For US

Men are expected to have some standards, for US

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Opening doors for us, letting us have the first bite of the cake because ‘Ladies first’, buying us dinners, getting us ice cream while we are pmsing. Too many perks in one point alone, right? Men are expected to behave in a certain way around us, and we all gotta accept that it does make us feel like princesses sometimes.

5. No Facial Hair

No facial hair

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Well, not as much as men atleast. We already have our underarms, bikini areas and legs to take care of, atleast we don’t have to run a razor over our face and grow crazy beards in November! Also, men’s faces are pretty rough, isn’t your soft skin so much better?

6. Coming Of Age Is Comparatively Easy

Coming of age is comparitively easy

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We don’t have to go through awkward sexting moments, change of voice, major changes in appearance and behavior. All these are things that men go through and they are TOUGH to handle. We are incredibly lucky that we don’t suddenly have a different voice the next day, because like, puberty!

7. Power


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In relationships, women always have a certain type of power that men definitely don’t. Whether its choosing the curtains for your house, or the place for the Saturday dinner, women get to do it all. Also, a man who shouts back at a woman, abuses her, etc is often looked down upon which ultimately gives a woman a lot of respect. Definitely a perk.

8. Clothes


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Lets just finally say it out loud. We have so much more choice in terms of clothing than men. True, men have their own stylish stuff too, but nothing beats a woman in a nice sundress just roaming around town. We can wear just about whatever we want, whenever we want, and can be considered stylish, unique and tons of other things for having clothes.

9. Dancing


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Go to a club, and observe one man and one woman who cant dance. The man will be criticized, laughed at and totally mocked if he just doesn’t have the moves. But women? No one dares to laugh at them when they are simply just shaking their hips on the dance floor. Its such a fun, cathartic activity for women, and we pity the fact that men cant start dancing like crazy when the DJ puts on THAT song and all you girlfriends scream out in unison!

10. Richer Inner Lives

Richer inner lives

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Women generally have a huge underlying pool of emotions stored up. This gives them the sensitivity edge over men, and people who are more in touch with their emotions automatically have a new and deep understanding of life and its experiences. A woman can thus explore everything that happens to her, talk about it, ask whatever questions come to her mind, and just do anything she wants. We are not expected to be in control and we should use it to our advantage.

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