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ITS SUMMERTIME! Yes, we know what you are thinking. The crazy sweating is back, isnt it? Well, we surely cant help but sweat, but we can definitely think of various things to beat the summer. And no, we are not talking about ice lollies. We mean clothing hacks that define summer fashion! That’s right, there are tons of things you can do to beat the heat and show the summer who the real boss is. Here are some of the best clothing hacks for you to try this summer:

1. Crop Tops

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So what if you don’t own a crop top yet? You can make one. All you need is an ordinary looking tshirt, prefereably a loose tank top. Cut it from the bottom to whatever length is okay for you. We suggest going just above your belly. But hold on, don’t cut out the extra part completely. Cut it in an abstract manner so as to get fringes out of it. So there you have it, a fringed crop top and you havent spent a dime!

2. Pocket Friendly

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Everyone has a plain white shirt, or a tshirt. We suggest you take a tshirt in this case as this is a casual look that you want to go for. All you need to do is add a small pocket on one chest portion. You can choose the material, color, design, everything. And its going to look cute as hell. Try for funky print. Though the pocket is tiny, it will immediately make the top look better.

3. Cutout Top

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If you are among the daring ones, then you can go straight for a huge cutout at the back of your top. It can be any shape you want, just make sure you do it with care. Heart, moon, star, anything you like! You can also add a lace patch to make it look sexy like in the photograph above.

4. Abstract Cutout Tees

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We cant let this article be completed without cutout tees can we? You need a pair of scissors and a cutter if you want to be absolutely precise. Any kind of cutout that you want can be done. You can also refer to some of the pictures above for ideas.

5. Wear An Undershirt

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Ever wondered why men wear vests underneath their shirts? The only purpose of those vests is to keep sweat from reaching their work shirt. So why not do the same underneath all those lovely tops? Also, it has been proven that a soaked up vest can help the body cool down. Gross, but its true.

6. Invest In Bra Liners

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Ever spent days crossing your arms to hide the sweat patches that have formed on your midriff? That means that you definitely need bra liners. These will soak up your sweat before it reaches your midriff. Yes, you can breathe a sign of relief now.

7. Sleeve it up

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You can add fringes to your half sleeves too. Extremely simple, and looks great too.

8. Oversized Tees

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We are sure you have lots of oversized tees lying around. Most women do, they are so comfy after all! Slash it a little bit at the center, twist and tie it up, and there you have a whole new dress for yourself!

9. Collar Love

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Love shirt collars but too hot to wear shirts? Well, we have a hack ready for you. You can get a simple collar and midline stitched and simply wear it with a similar colored top. Looks trendy, and you get to beat the heat too!

10. Jazz Up

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We get it, you cant keep cutting and cropping your clothes. So how about you add something to the old ones. One of the best ways to do this is to have a decorated collar. It can be waste CD cutouts, cute buttons, or you can even do some fun embroidery.

We hope you loved these summer fashion tips as much we did! Do try them out and let us know how well you did them.

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Shalmali Shahane is a fashion communication student at Symbiosis Institute of Design. She has recently started freelancing to pursue her love for writing. Someone who decided what she wanted to do for the rest of her life at the mere age of 10, she is an art, food and travel lover. A huge drama queen, her greatest passion remains books amongst many others. A strong believer of the phrase “Hope Has Power”, she likes to give her own creative bubbly touch to everything she does.

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