10 Nail Art Trends In Vogue This Season

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Fashion changes just like the seasons. But what doesn’t change is our ever growing love for nail art designs. After all, who wouldn’t love to flaunt a new element instead of the regular nail polish? And the good news is that we have spotted the best trends that would rule this season. It’s time to keep yourself updated so that you can have the latest style at your finger tips.


All you fashionistas who have a busy schedule ahead have another reason to celebrate. Simple, quick and easy-to-do nail styles are going to be very much in trend. Which means, you can easily design those nails and save time at once!

1. Alternate Bias


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Bright, airy shades for every alternate nail. And a no-polish rule for the others. This is going to be the trend that will remain most prominent this season. Reason being it’s easy, no-nonsense appeal. And the fact that just about anyone can do it.

2. Nude And Minimal


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Another simplistic nail art trend to watch out for is the nude and minimal look. Shades of brown, peach and cream, earthy tints and pastels will be used to create solid as well as designer bases for the “art work”. On the other hand, a hint of floral patterns, bright streaks on the edges and other minimal designs will be in vogue.

3. Matte And Metal


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Instead of the glossy sheen, the most fashionable nails will be spotted in a matte, lack-lustre style. There is going to be a dominance of metallic highlights along with a well maintained solid palette.


Flat designs seem passé when 3D elements make their place on your manicured nails. However, this year, things are going to get lighter than the before. You do agree that heavy gemstones and embellishments were a hindrance after all.Right?

4. Abstract Textures


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Textures add depth and they are really fun to look at. Right from goth-style drama to an almost Van Gogh imitation, nails will be the new canvas for textured experiments in 2016.

5. Sparkling Stars


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Keeping up with the third dimensional, glitter, crystal and metallic dots will lift the glamour notch higher. Stars over nudes, surprising studs over matte bases and minimalistic rows of Swarovski are well expected.

6. Pearl And Snowflake Inspiration


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Given the winters are still not over, it is only natural to look forward to more white. White fur, feathers, stickers and a lot of other elements inspired by the snow and everything cold. Yeah, winters are not always harsh. They can be beautiful too
7. Impish Flare

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We all know that it is ok to speak of the devil sometimes. So,, why not include a mini-devillish charm to those talons? Spikes, dark trinkets and a combination of pointed shapes-contrasting arches will let you explore the darkness a bit further.



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Certain nail trends are going to be extremely popular in India all year round. Looks like these ideas have impressed us more than we expected. And now, we can’t help but keep trying newer versions of the same. It is going to be a fun-filled experience though. Decorating our nails in our favourite styles, knowing that they are still not out of fashion!

8. Ombré


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Believe it or not, it is turning out to be a classic favourite in India. From clothes to hair and of course, nails, Ombré continues to maintain its popularity. There could also be more than two shades combining for that surrealist effect we have fallen for.

9. Geometry Will Rule: Lines, Checks And Blocks


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Geometric shapes are the easiest to create. And they go with all kinds of clothes while complimenting every look in one way or the other. This year, it is going to be all the more adventurous with blocks, colourful checkered effects, random curves and elaborately detailed designs. The picture looks quite straightforward to say the least. 😉

10. Coloured Version Of The French Manicure


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Why stick to white when we have so much on our ‘palette’. Pun intended!
2016 is all set for a new avatar of the classic French manicure. And those half-moon surprises, almost invisible crevices, disappearing swirls and black bases are not going anywhere either.

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