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10 Style Tips To Wear A Blanket Scarf

10 Style Tips To Wear A Blanket Scarf

Scarves are just adorable. Be it fall, monsoon or summer, there is a style for every season. There is a colour for every mood. And there are endless fabrics to keep your comfortable. It is this multi-dimensional quality that lend scarves their evergreen charm. No wonder, the scarf size too keeps on getting reinvented in more creative ways than one. One of the cosiest trends being blanket scarves.

True to their name, these scarves are really big in size. Not to be confused with shawls, these scarves are usually of a different shape altogether. And unlike the bulky shawls, they allow you to experiment with the way you style them.


Wondering how to style such a giant? Use this quick-six list to look super-chic.

1. Use Your Hair As An Extra Layer Of Warmth


Leave your hair loose and allow the mini blanket to take a turn around your throat, enclosing your mane. Not only does it look cute but also keeps your ears warmer. Reason? The scarf will hold your hair in place, covering your ears for good.

2. Turn Them Into Giant High-Neck Collars


Take several turns to wrap the entire scarf completely around your throat. Keep it just a little loose for comfort. Voila! You wouldn’t be missing a turtle-neck cardigan much. In fact, this could even be better as it would cover your earlobes too, unlike most turtle-necks.

3. Wear Them Like A Cape


Turn to the unforgettable Victorian influences. Use your scarf as a cape. Just fold it in half, throw it over your shoulders and hold it in place with a pretty, big, jewelled brooch. Or, give it a more contemporary twist quite literally. Just tie the ends into a cosy knot that would stay in place as well as in shape for a long duration.

4. Secure with a belt


Another easy way to style a blanket scarf is to be as uncomplicated as you can. Just let it hang by itself from your shoulders. And fasten it firm with a stylish belt around your waist. This could also look like a jacket if you want and do it right.

5. Redefine it like a cowboy shawl


Give it an edgy uplift by sporting it in the cowboy fashion. Easy, simple and practical style in no time. And don’t worry if you can’t get the look perfect. Just a kerchief knot would also resemble this style. Isn’t it less complex than you thought?

6. Drape it over one shoulder


Try it like the end of a sari or any other India drape for that matter. And in case you are afraid that it might keep slipping off, secure it with an invisible pin or a big, attractive piece of accessory.

Scarf fashion

Styling the blanket scarves would come easy to you. But in case that wasn’t enough, here are the hottest scarf fashion trends to follow.
7. Checks In Braids


Checks remain in, when it comes to winter fashion. So, remember to keep a few of these in your scarves collection. Make them more fashion forward by braiding them in interesting loops.

8. Casual solids over the shoulder


Another staple to complement printed apparel. Scarves in single, solid colours can look great even when left hanging casually over a shoulder or two. And the best part is that you can try out new accessories when there isn’t too much detail on this wearable blanket.

9. A throat warming poncho


You don’t need to stock up on ponchos all the time if you know this scarf-styling trick. Take advantage of the size of blanket scarves. Simply allow them to adorn you like a poncho would.

10. Wraps and hoods


Wrap the blanket scarf just for comfort. Because, sometimes, practical use is the most interesting fashion inspiration. Wrapping them around your head allows you to keep the harsh winds at a safe distance from your ears. In other words, the cold won’t really be able to enter your body so easily. You can either allow it to fit snugly or leave some room to mimic a classic hood.

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