This is the era of eco-fashion and e-couture. You can find the word ‘green’ before almost every product. The trend is taking a fast pace in the fashion and accessory segment where garments/accessories are sustainable or recyclable. Sustainable fashion followed the sustainable design concept and can be seen to recur over multiple seasons in the future.

It’s hard to pick up a few brands or entrepreneurs focussing on eco-fashion and lifestyle. I just happened to tumble over the story of Synergy organic clothing. The company has been providing fashion forward apparel and focusses on using organic cotton and low impact dyes while sourcing from Nepal. They have made sure that their clothing is made with fair labour practices, promoting higher social and environmental standards.

The eco chic lifestyle online platform serves all sorts of eco-friendly and sustainable products. It’s not a rare sight to see sustainable fashion in all forms online. Keren Mekler eco-friendly jewellery, for eg, recycles bike tubes into unique and fashionable jewellery. Amorosa is yet another ethical fashion accessory brand promoting contemporary designs,handicrafts and ethical fashion.

It’s not an uncommon sight to watch garments being over powered by recyclable materials such as paper, thermoplastics, jute etc. Designers have moved their interest in the ethical fashion direction since quite some time. Now the trend seems to submerge in all directions of fashion following the sustainability concept.

Let’s hope that the eco-friendly movement keeps growing in different perspectives and effectively helps in business and in saving our environment.

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