Attention ladies! The spring 2016 fashion trends already out, soon to be trickled down to street style and office-wear fashion. This time, we’ve decided to pick shoes, undeniably the top favourite section of every woman, as our theme. Yay! Without further ado, let’s check out our list of top 5 Shoe trends for 2016 from the runway shows of Paris and New York.

5 Hottest Shoe Trends For 2016

The conventional heels, boots and flats in nudes and blacks were galore, but this year, the shoe trends have a lot more to offer. A little bit of retro, a bit of edge, a bit of feminity and a peek into the futuristic style, here’s everything you need to know of this year’s major shoe trends.

1. Bringing Back The Platforms


The 80s platform heels are back and how! Major design houses like Louis Vuitton and Stella McCartney showcased the retro platform shoes with a fresh makeover. Geometric cuts and futuristic designs made way into the conventional block heels to make for some stunning styles.

2. Point The Toes

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From heels to flats, the pointy toes were a huge rage. So much that even sporty sneakers pointed out its toes in agreement. Yes, Marc Jacobs presented this very interesting take on sneakers during his recent spring 2016 shows. These toe trends were seen on the shows of famed designers like Prabal Gurung, Derek Lam and Zac Posen.

3. Unconventional Futuristic Heels


The runway shoe trends by Maison Margiela and Pucci saw classic styles like pumps and ankle straps with a sudden burst of drama. These elements were featured at the ‘heels’ through futuristic shapes and edgy, unconventional embellishments. A major trend to watch out for!

4. Dainty Laces

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A touch of feminity is always a good idea and what better way than some pretty laces to bring it on? The powerhouses of fashion – Balenciaga and Givenchy both showcase this dainty trend on shoes. From flats to heels and booties, lacing up is the right thing to do.
Another interesting take on this look was seen on the shows of Anna Sui. Instead of shoes, lace socks were used for a whole new and very interesting look. This could be a huge rage anytime sooner, so better grab those pretty lace socks!

5. Riot Of Colors

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When one wants some splashes of color, shoes are the best way to flaunt it. And come ‘on, colors are always good – it’s fun, striking and sassy. The 2016 shoe trends saw the use of colors in three major ways.

A very striking, hard to miss shoe trend was red and white, ‘retro candy stripes’. Top design houses Gucci and Prada showcased these oh-so-gorgeous looks. Get ready to grab these shoes as soon as they hit the shelf!

The second trend was color blocking, always been a huge trend and still is! This was a look seen on the runway shows of Marni and Stella Jean.

While Chloe played it subtle, Dolce and Gabbana went all out with pom-poms – it fun with colors. Yes, make way for colorful flats, heels and sneakers into your wardrobe.
These were our pick of 5 most prominent and striking footwear trends for spring 2016. But then, a look seen the runway can prove highly outlandish, impractical and not to mention, expensive for normal use. So how do you bring these latest trends to your street style, casual or office looks? A little tweak is all you need.

Street Style Shoe Trends in India

Since colors were one of the major highlights of the latest footwear trend, this should mean good news for those in India. Just have your pick from the vibrant, colorful jootis – pointed toes and colors, right on point!


As for the trendy platform and lace shoes, these are easily available on online portals like,,, etc.

Another trend, which did not feature on our top 5 list but nevertheless, is going to be a huge trend to follow is – mule shoes. These were seen in Fall/Winter 2015 and still continue to grace major runway and fashion bloggers’ look-books. Comfortable and so sleek, aren’t we glad for these mule shoes?
Now that the top shoe trends for 2016 is here, hope you’re all set to bring your best foot forward!

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