5 Inspiring Women Achievers In India You Need To Know About!

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They are tough. They are dedicated. And they have the courage to bend conventional rules. In honour of Women’s Day we introduce you to these women achievers of India who have redefined achievement itself.

Yukti Choudhary


Source: tribuneindia.com

This 27-year old Harvard graduate is the first to win the Zila Parishad polls in male dominated Haryana. She looks forward to deal with issues related to water, education, women’s rights and the skewed sex ratio.
Yukti might as well turn out to be a brand ambassador of the government’s resolution to have a more educated panchayat in every village. In addition, she is well stepped into the “Beti bachao-Beti padhao” campaign started by the Bhartiya Janta Party.

Dalimi Patgiri


Source: womenonwings.com

A shining example of an invincible spirit, Patgiri has emerged as an entrepreneur at the rural level. The woman has devised a new way of utilizing areca-nut sheets in her village in Assam. She makes utensils out of them and has turned it into a full-time business, raising employment for other women as well.
Patgiri also went to Tamil Nadu for a training programme organized by NGO Dhriti. Thereafter, she got her loan sanctioned for giving a better shape to her skills and ideas. This has further helped her in empowering other women of her village.

Lalitha Bai


Source: www.changemakers.com

Once a landless labourer, Lalitha Bai is now another rural entrepreneur in Halkurle, Karnataka. She has brought in an advanced cooking system in the villages by introducing the modified version of the IISc designed smokeless stove. After selling thousands of these stoves, she now plans to expand her business. She has already started traveling to other districts to train other women.

Sapper Shanti Tigga

Source: www.thebetterindia.com

Source: www.thebetterindia.com

Before Pranab Mukherjee’s decision to include women officers in the combat military forces, 35-year old Tigga became the first woman “jawan” in the Indian army in the year 2011. Tigga was a mother of two at the time she joined the army. What is more interesting is that she was able to defeat all her male counterparts during the physical examination tests. Also, she earned the highest position of marksman after her trainers were impressed with her gun-handling. Unfortunately, this braveheart was abducted and later, found dead.

Reena Kaushal Dharmshaktu



This Delhi girl became the first Indian to ski all the way to the south pole in just 38 days. Skiing for 8 to 10 hours every day, Reena traversed a path of 915 kms through one of the coldest regions on planet Earth. The 38 –year old not just made India proud at the global level but also proved that determination and hard work can take you to great heights, quite literally.
These women are an inspiration for not just Indians but for citizens the world over. And given the versatility of their areas of excellence, it is another opportunity to recognize the bubbling women empowerment that India can begin taking pride in. What better way to celebrate March 8 than this?

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