We’ve all been there. Too lazy to dress up, too bored to step out, the early morning hassles before leaving for work. In short, being pressed for time when our looks should be getting all the attention. But who ever said that a beauty routine at home needs to be as long as a bride takes to be ready?

Yes, there is your hair, the clothes, shoes and so much else to be put together in perfection but even then, it is possible to get ready in as less as five minutes. Don’t believe us. Just try out these amazing DIY beauty tricks that we have shortlisted for you.


Just like a clean, well-primed canvas offers richness to a painting, good skin makes your make-up stand out better. So, less is always more because instead of perfecting any flaws, you’d end up using your perfect skin like a base for your beauty routine. And here’s how to achieve that kind of skin easily.

  • Always hold on to sunscreen. It prevents tanning and slows down ageing. Result: Bright and smooth skin
  • Keep fresh cleansing wipes handy to remove grime as well as make-up at the end of the day
  • Use face blotters to soak up excess oils from your skin
  • Keep your skin well moisturised and healthy from within


If you are asking for easy beauty tips then make no mistake, bold lips are your saviour. Even if you haven’t got time to apply foundation or eye make-up, highlighting your lips will take care of everything else. A richly painted pout is the easiest and the most time-saving trick that you can try when you’re in a hurry. Also, bold shades tend to last longer through the day. Bonus!


Whether it is to draw the perfect cat-eye or to create a romantic smokey look, eyes take time. Yeah, and that is why you need these eye-specific 5-min beauty tips:


  • Line and curl hand-in-hand. Just dab some kohl or liner on to the edges of your lash-curler. You get the drift of it!
  • Cut out stencils for creating different liner styles. You can find all sorts of cat-eye and tight-lined templates online. Use these as a quick fix to eyeliner woes


Nails matter too and if you don’t have time for elaborate artworks, go for a quickie. Paint them in your favourite colour and place small bits of metal foil to create a mosaic. Let it dry and a transparent top coat later will seal it all in place. There are several similar ways to create 5-minute nail arts. Just use your creativity and imagination to come up with your own.


There are bad hair days and they can come up at the most inopportune time. However, don’t let that interfere with your planning for a good day out or at work. Get in tune with these hacks and life will become much easier thereafter.

  • Pick a different wash and style routine:
    Wash your hair in the evening and braid it in two, before going to bed. You will be surprised at the beautiful waves you wake up to
  • The partial cleaning trick:
    If you don’t have time to wash dirty hair, you can simply wash your bangs and tie up the remainder into a gorgeous bun or ponytail
  • Keep it under cover:
    If it is a bad hair day, it’s time to experiment with a new hairstyle. Use a trendy scarf or hat to complement your outfit and secure your hair at once

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