De-cluttering isn’t as simple as it sounds. There is a mental, emotional struggle that comes with every decision of giving away or destroying items. Decluttering is a process and cannot be achieved at one go, but rather has to be done in small steps. We’ve picked 10 best tips to organize your space. What’s more, it’s easy and quick – just 5 mins once or twice a week and walk towards long-term clutter-free commitment.

Goodbye stuff
Simple 5 Mins Declutter Tips
  • Broken Or Damaged Appliances
    Broken, damaged or missing a part, don’t bother fixing that heater, blender, hairdryer or vacuum. Nowadays, it much cheaper and hassle free to get a replacement
  • Mismatched Chargers
    How many chargers do you have with no idea where to plug in? With technology changing so fast, chances are high that you won’t find use of it anymore. Get rid of them
  • Earrings/Socks With No Match
    Turned your room upside down, gone through your stuffs countless times just to find that missing pair of earrings or socks, all without success? The odds of finding it are 1 in 100. Much better to make room for a new pair!

    Underwear or socks with a hole – don’t even think twice, just toss them away

  • Gifts, Coffee Mugs And Decorative Items
    From birthdays, weddings, anniversaries to festive holidays, our year is lined up with gifting occasions. Just about how many decorative items or coffee mugs do one need? Above all, there is always a strong sentiment attached to gifts – a classic scenario of clutter. Donate or give it to someone who needs it, one at a time!
  • Scented Candles

scented candles

Scented candles make for lovely gifts but candle wax tend to collect dust easily and are difficult to clean. So don’t just let the candles sit there for decoration, put it to use, lit up and enjoy.

  • Decluttering The Wardrobe

Decluttering the wardrobe

Keep an empty box or basket near your closet. Every Sunday, take 5 mins to go through your closet. Pick out clothes that you don’t wear anymore, that don’t fit well or are uncomfortable to wear. Keep them in the basket.

It is okay if you pick just 1 item or none. Just keep rotating the closet space every week. In a few months, you’ll have 3-10 unused clothes in the basket. After 6 months, look at the basket, decide if you want any of the items back in your closet and then, donate the rest!

  • Kitchen Decluttering

Kitchen decluttering

Food containers or pots that are stained or scorched or without lid look unsightly in the kitchen and most importantly, unhealthy. Time to swap with new containers!

Most of us have this urge to go shop for the exotic spices that we see on TV food shows like MasterChef. And why not! But then, how often do we use these? Spices lose their essence quickly. Take 2 minutes to check the expiry date or the smell, and get rid of anything past its use.

  • Magazines And Stationery Items
    Unless it’s your favourite issue, give away any magazine over six months old. Spotted a good article or a recipe? Cut that page out and keep in a binder. Don’t keep the whole magazine for the sake of one editorial! Cancel any subscription that you don’t read regularly.

    Pen or makers with little or no ink, broken pencils/crayons – just toss them in the bin

  • Make-ups And Cosmetics

Make-ups and cosmetics

A common scenario in most homes if of half used shampoos, body lotions along with a stock of new bottles. Here’s a trick – even if you find it convenient to keep extra stock, don’t open it unless you’ve emptied the used bottle.

With make-up products like lipsticks and eyeliners, it is very easy to go overboard. Once a month, take a few minutes to check the expiry dates on products over a year old. Throw away items pass its expiry date.

  • Unplug And Meditate

Unplug and meditate

Decluttering is not only for tangible items but also for the mind and soul. Take 5 minutes of your daily routine, turn off your phones, ipads and just unplug your mind. Meditation helps bring peace, calm and perspective to how you deal with life

Decluttering can be very difficult initially but gradually, one will realize how free, in-control and peaceful it becomes. Give yourself permission to declutter your home, your surroundings and your mind

Published by Nivedita Longjam

Nivedita is a fashion designer, freelance writer and a computer enthusiast. She believes in the 'Zen' teachings of life that sadly, goes out the window half the time. For the remaining half, a warm cup of tea and the company of good books, good music and her adorable pets help her stay Zen like.

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