So you wish to lose weight quickly and shed a few stubborn pounds for an upcoming family event?

Here is a carefully chalked out plan and a few workable tips that help you lose that extra bulge in a very short time. No, it’s not a crash or a fad diet plan.and we are certainly NOT asking you to kick the food away, starve yourself to sickness and stick to those bland protein powders. This article is all about healthy eating, intelligent workouts and some teeny weeny sacrifices woven in your daily schedule.

It’s your body and you know it well. Try out all of these tips or some of them do what suits you best and surprise yourself in a week or 10 days!

Guzzle more water:

Drink water
World’s healthiest, zero calorie, slimming drink is just a sip away from you. Grab that bottle now and guzzle like a fish. Swapping sugar laden energy drinks with water can save you at least 500 calories a day. Studies have proved that water is the most essential element required for weight loss. It fills you up;curbs untimely hunger pangs, reduces food cravings and accelerates the body metabolism. Drinking a glass of water before meals helps you consume lesser calories and a glass after meals aids digestion.

Say NO to white:

No white only green vegetables
Remove the white stuff from your kitchen pantry and half the battle is already won. White rice, sugar, refined flour, pasta and all forms of white carbs are responsible for bloating, increased belly fat and weight gain. Foods made using white sugar and white carbs should also be avoided. Replace them with whole grains, vegetables and fruits for at least two meals a day. It makes a big difference in your calorie intake and keeps you satiated and full.

Swear by the Cardio:

Cardio Exercise
A 30-40 minutes cardio session five days a week is what experts swear by, for quick weight loss. A cardio could be any extensive nonstop physical activity that accelerates your heart rate and helps burn calories. Running, brisk walk, swimming, tennis, squash, cycling, kick boxing, spinning are some of the best cardio workouts. Pick what you love most and one that you are likely to stick for a longer period of time. Interval training is a cardio variation that burns fat quickly and is super effective for weight loss. It includes laps of cardio burst followed by a slow paced activity. On days when you are running short of time, a quick high intensity interval training (HIIT) session suffices for hours of cardio and strength training.

Lift more to lose more:

Dumbbell Lifting
Lift ,lift and lift more. Invest in a pair of dumbbells today, without thinking twice. It helps you kick away the extra flab and acquire a lean and a toned look. Studies show that weight lifters burn fat quickly and save the muscle mass, which makes them look thinner and keep the flab away forever. Regular weight training also triggers the happy hormones and acts as a stress buster and a mood lifter.

Say goodbye to your kitchen, post dinner:

No midnight food
That’s a tried and tested trick adopted by weight watchers across the globe. Shutting down your kitchen for 12 hours post dinner is the smartest way to cut down those extra calories. An active and alive kitchen late in the night would mean useless nibbling, the biggest hurdle when you are trying to stick to a weight loss plan. Close your kitchen immediately after dinner and keep away till the morning hours. Hit the bed early, to stop yourself from raiding the fridge, because you have nothing else to do!!

Get that beauty sleep your body needs:

Good Sleep
You can do your body a big favor by catching on some extra sleep. Cutting down on your sleep hours can create havoc with your hormones. This in turn would make it more difficult for you to lose weight. It may sound believable but the fact is, a good eight hours of night’s sleep boosts your body’s metabolism and build muscle mass.

your plate size matters:

Healthy salads
Toss away that big dinner plate and opt for a small size salad plate for all your meals. It helps you reduce portions cleverly and saves you from overeating and bingeing. A smaller plate looks loaded with food, thus making you believe you are eating a lot, while actually you eat much less. This in turn sends the satiation signals to the brain and you feel full with a lesser amount of food.

Published by Smita Shukla

Smita Shukla is a MBA post graduate with an experience of five years in retail business and IT training . She is currently working as a content writer and developer for five years now. She has written on diverse topics like fashion and lifestyle,food and nutrition, health, weight loss and parenting issues. Apart from being a voracious reader and a passionate writer, she is also a sports and fitness enthusiast. Running,Power yoga, squash and badminton are her energy boosters!

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