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8 Crazy Yet Beautiful Ways To Display Your Accessories – DIY

8 Crazy Yet Beautiful Ways To Display Your Accessories – DIY

An organized room or a dresser tends to add that sense of finesse which you just can’t miss. In case you were thinking that a revamp project could cost you a bomb, you were really wrong. You just need to give room to your creative side. And as the latter begins to breathe, you will begin to see things differently. In other words, you will automatically be able to come up with ideas on displaying and organizing little things at the same time.
Before you begin wondering where to start, take a hint from our accessory-display ideas.



Knotted chains and necklaces, lost ear-studs and screws, disappearing hairpins, hard to find bracelets, broken charms. Yes, we all have been through that more than once. And most likely, we all go through it even now, every other day. And frankly, we do try multiple ways of sorting out our jewellery. The idea is to turn those ways more interesting.

Be Creative With A Kitchen Staple


Use a grater to hold your earrings in place. That way, nothing will get jumbled up. You can even paint it or decorate it with your favourite stickers or embellishments. Artistic, fun, simple and extremely useful. Forget about losing any earring, you now have them all at one place to choose from.

Repurpose Old Sports Gear


Old badminton and tennis racquets can be put up on the wall. The net can be used to hang all those stray jewellery pieces, pendants and even ornamental keychains.

Ways To Display Accessories

Wall Mount A Handful Of Door Knobs


Pick a handful of good-looking door knobs from a nearby store. Get them mounted interestingly, on the wall. Your jackets, stoles, hats, scarves and even handbags now have a better place to be exhibited.

Reuse Empty Glass Bottles


Old wine bottles, vinegar and oil dispensers can be washed and painted. But did you know they can also double up as a holder for your cuffs, bangles and bracelets? Just put the bottles on a shelf or on your dresser and slip on those accessories easily.

Creative Ways To Display Accessories

Add a more creative and interesting twist to your accessories display project. And we suggest you try these inexpensive and attractive ways for sure. Compliments are guaranteed if you do it right. After all, we are talking of being crazy yet beautiful, remember?

Bring In The Wild


Collect sturdy tree branches from the yard or get them home from a hike. Yes, we mean it. Actual tree branches that may be fallen and lying waste somewhere. All you have to do, is attach them to the wall and put on several hooks for a stylish space to accommodate your belts and neckpieces.

You can also use branches to make a jewellery tree of your own. Just make sure to give the branch a strong base first.

Un-Horror A Thing, Or Two


Get a skull made in acrylic. Or grab a skeleton hand from a medical store. You can even order these online. And use them to display your glasses, watches and other accessories. The elements that are usually associated with horror can now become a funky display in your room.


Furniture. In Parts


A second-hand furniture shop or your old attic can be the right places to look for stuff. It’s time to put abandoned drawers to use. Clean them, decorate them and fix them as shelves to the wall. Keep your room clutter-free by tossing all accessories in these, when you are in a hurry.

Experiment With Empty Tin Boxes


Chocolate boxes, cookie tins and crates that give you a pang while you try to part with them, can serve a better purpose by acting as your accessory organizers. Keep them in your wardrobe to store statement rings, collars and even broken gemstones that you feel can be reused.

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