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A Step By Step Guide TO Eye Makeup

A Step By Step Guide TO Eye Makeup

Eye make-up is an essential part of your make up. It has an ability to give you an instant make over. Smudge is the Key to any eye make-up.

Most women tend to ignore the eye make-up part while grooming them, or they just restrict themselves to use an eye liner. As we all know eyes are mirror to our soul, then why not using just simple steps of make-up groom it too.

Choosing right colors for the right occasion is important. Time of the day is one of the key factors. Eye make-up helps you to finalize your look to a great extent; it helps you to know how dramatic or natural your look is. Using a proper application guide for eye make-up will help you to look stunning at your special occasions and have an upper hand over your colleague to look and feel best.

The directions below are for a perfect eye make-up to look gorgeous:

Eye make up steps

1. Start With a Cleanser:
eye cleansing
It is vital before starting a new look, wash your whole face with a gentle face wash or a cleanser. Keep in mind that there should be no residual make-up left in eyes.

Moreover if you suffer from dry skin under your eyes, it is necessary to make it smooth, try regular gentle lotion on cotton ball and apply it under your eye and on outer corners of eye to make it moist. Some of the mid-range eye cleanser are Maybelline make up remover, Nivea eye make-up remover, it really helps to remove the stubborn kajal or mascara stains from previous make up. Cleansing is a must for before and after make-up. Most of them have ingredients like glycerin, and mineral oil which helps moisten your skin.

2. Prepare Your Eyes lids With An Even Skin Tone:
Most women tend to suffer from dark circles or bluish discoloration under eye, so it necessary to cover it with the use of right tone concealer. Put 3 dots of concealer under each eye and start patting it with your ring figure or a make-up brush. Start at the inner corner of eye where skin tends to be darker moving towards outer part until a concealer disappears. Pat skin with a compact powder. This step is essential for people with oily skin as it prevents the kajal/eyeliner from bleeding

3. Apply Eye Shadow Primer To Lid:
Primer is a product used to keep your eye shadow in place or long hours. It also smoothens the eye lid skin. It helps the make-up to stick to skin. Apply a primer over your eye lid, up to your brow bone. It won’t let your eye shadow turn into a greasy pool. If you do not wish to invest on a primer, you can also use your concealer to apply on the eyelids and smudge it evenly.

To know more on how to apply a primer

4. Put On Eye shadow:
eye shadow
Start with a base pencil of similar shade of your eye make-up if you need the make up to last for a long time. Apply and smudge evenly. You can go for one color or several colors (not more than 3). Start it with applying medium-light color on your eyelid i.e. an area from your eyelashes to crease. Now use light color on your brow bone. Delicate shades such as off-white or light golden looks best in this area. These are also called highlighters Then apply a dark color on your crease, start it from outer corner of crease towards inner corner midway., Go for common a shade that matches other 2 color such as brown. Blend the colors using fingers or fluffy brush.

Safe colours for dark skinned are bronze, gold, dark brown, maroons, oranges, dark blues etc.
For the lighter skin women peach, pink, mauve etc.. are the traditional colors. If you want to add spunk go for greens, yellows as neon’s is still in.

5. Follow Up With Eye-liner:
Starting from inner eye towards outer eye, you can go for liquid liner or a pencil one, but try using dark colors. Line eyes using liner with controlled strokes, as close to upper lashes as possible. Then follow it with kajal or a liner on lower eye lashes. Play around with the density of the line of Kajal or coal pencil to experiment with your looks. A think eyeliner can make small eyes look big, where as a thin line can just define your large eyes. Apply kajal in the on your upper rim of eyes as well for the deep dark effect.

6. Use Brow Highlighter:
eyebrow highlighter
Use an eye brow pencil or a same light color eye shadow on your brow bone, focus more on mid-brow to outward part. Use a screw brush to give shape to your eyebrows and then use eyebrow pencil to fill sparse areas.

7. Curl Lashes:
Curl Lashes
Using a curler will help your eye lashes to look more gorgeous. Position the curler at the root of your eyelashes, and then turn your hand two or three times towards the tips of your lashes to create the curl

8. Apply Mascara:
applying mascara
Mascara helps you to give volume and length to your eyelashes. Apply mascara in outward direction on upper and lower lashes. Note that, to apply multiple coats, do it while the first coat is wet. Remove the extra smudge or particles with a cotton swab or an ear but. Remember! the more the mascara , more dramatic the effect.

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