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Bajirao Mastani is an epic 2015 Bollywood film. The details from the movie set to clothing and fine jewelry were spectacular. We just couldn’t take our eyes off the jewelry Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra-the leading ladies of the movie were wearing. The epoch of royalty, the vanity of a woman embellished with courtly custom. The celebrated exquisiteness of the design of Mughal jewelry and the traditional Marathi Jewelry was unprecedented. With impeccable craftsmanship the pieces transformed the simplest form into a resplendent ensemble.



Shri Hari Diagems, the renowned jewelers of Delhi have designed the jewelry for actress Deepika Padukone for her portrayal as Mastani. The magnificent jewelry has received great applauds and has been widely appreciated. The jewelry that used the ancient Mughal art of finery with rare techniques combining polki, colored gemstones, and Columbian emeralds of finest quality made in real gold and is worth crores.

P.N.Gadgil and Sons, a prominent Jewelers from Pune designed the traditional Maharashtrian Jewelry for Priyanka Chopra who played the role of Kashibai, Bajirao’s first wife. The traditional Maharashtrian jewelry was set in gold and it took them over a year to come out with the magnificent pieces. Old dyes and techniques and even 200 years old real antiques were used for the movie. As a result, we got to see some very authentic classic Maharashtrian designs, which haven’t been seen before. The Jewelry pieces were entirely handmade and a team of artisans from Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujrat and Karnataka worked exclusively on it.

“Jewelry pieces were sourced and designed to recreate the Hyderabadi Nizaam look for ‘Mastani’ to highlight her part-Muslim heritage; To reflect the demure characteristics of Kashibai, we used a lot of traditional Marathi jewelry – the nathni and archetypal ornaments.” said Anju Modi, the designer behind the stunning looks of the leading ladies.

With this movie, the Antique jewelry is back in vogue. From Nath, Passa to haath phool all are becoming latest trends in jewelry. It truly celebrates the reminiscent of royal lineage.

Here’s a look at some of the amazing Jewelry worn by the leading ladies in the movie.



Deepika Padukone looks ravishing as Mastani in the movie adorning royal attires and magnificent jewelry. Jewelry pieces were designed to help recreate the Hyderabadi Nizaam look for Mastani to highlight her part-Muslim heritage. She is wearing traditional Mughal style jewelry which is famous for use of big gemstones and enameled motif designs. Mastani was an epitome of grace and sensuality in the movie.

Since the magnificence of the Mughal style jewelry is symbolic of the royalty and status of the wearer, they are the perfect jewel pieces to accentuate the looks of a bride on her Wedding day.


Fact #1: Deepika Padukone’s jewelry in Bajirao Mastani costs Rs 5 crore.
Fact #2: In one scene alone- where she is addressing the Chatrapati in the courtyard — she is wearing jewelry worth Rs 48 lakh!
Fact#3: All jewelry pieces were created in 24-carat gold along with kundan work, and precious stones like Burmese rubies and diamond polkies.
Fact#4: It took a year to research the Jewelry for the movie and make it.

The key pieces of Mastani’s jewelry and some of our favorites are:



The nose ring worn by Mastani both big and small look very feminine and sober because of the pearl work done on them. The Nath has real rubies and pearls, set on 24 carat gold and looks very beautiful. It’s a perfect blend of style where modernism meets tradition. This nose ring definitely stole the attention in the movie and has become a rage.



Another Trendsetter from the movie is the Jhumar or passa. It is becoming very popular these days in weddings and on the ramp, and we have seen Mira Rajput, Dia Mirza and Sonam Kapoor wear it for that extra edge.
One Significant steal from Mastani’s look is the complementary Jhumar and Maang tikka. The key here is not to overdo and crowd your forehead. If one is large, make sure the other is small in order to maintain balance.



According to the Jewelers, the two-tier earrings were the toughest to make. It was made as a two piece set – one for the ears and the other that went behind it. But the outcome was so grand. The two-tier earrings were made with uncut diamonds and pearl strings attached to it.
Style Tip: If you plan to wear something like this for a wedding or otherwise, this can be transformed into an eye-catching piece by keeping other jewelry pieces to minimal, so that the whole focus is on the earrings.



The Mastani necklace was made of 24K gold with an antique look and colors and textures that reflect the Mughal era. Precious stones like Burmese rubies and diamond polkies were primarily used for making this very classy and elegant statement piece.
It is one such piece of jewelry which will never go out of style and is extremely classy, yet very traditional.



Priyanka as Kashibai adorned traditional Marathi jewelry in the movie and it added to the authenticity of the character. We saw a lot of Gold Jewelry in Kashibai’s Character as traditional Maharashtrian jewelry is not about polki or the shining diamonds. Gold is the prime attraction when it comes to Maharashtrian jewel pieces.
Kashibai was simple Maharashtrian lady yet very charming and royal. There was grandeur and elegance in the pieces she wore.

Some of the Key pieces of Kashibai’s jewelry were:


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Nath is a much loved ornament in Maharashtra. We saw Kashibai adorning the beautiful Nath throughout the movie. The traditional Nath is studded with pearls called Basra Moti which are very beautiful and rare to find. Further the beauty of this Nath is enhanced with rubies and emeralds.


Source: Pngadgilandsons.Com

Since Kashibai was Bajirao’s lawfully wedded wife, the traditional Maharashtrian Mangalsutra consisting of gold pendant and black beads was a prominent jewelry piece of her look.


Source: Pngadgilandsons.Com

The key to Kashibai’s look was the layering of the traditional Necklaces. We saw her wearing traditional Maharashtrian gold necklaces like a Thushi, which a small choker, layered with a Surya Haar around that, which is a necklace designed to resemble the sun’s rays. She also adorned a Belpan necklace which has the pan-leaf shaped design, the Putali Haar which is a traditional coin necklace and layered Temple Necklace or Mohan mala which is a long beaded golden necklace having many layers of golden bead strings.


Source: Pngadgilandsons.Com

Throughout the movie, we saw Kashibai’s hair tied into a neat, round bun (ambada) and embellished with traditional hair jewels called Ambada pins or bejeweled pins, followed by flowers like roses. This is a traditional Maharashtrian hair styling.

Apart from the above there were antique and magnificent jewelry pieces such as Waistbands (Kambar Patta), Anklets, Bangles, Toe rings, Earrings, Arm Bands (Waki), Finger Rings etc which added to Kashibai’s look and was a treat to the eyes.


When we say, Bajirao Mastani is a grandiose take on a historic time of the Maratha Empire, we mean the jewelry. It’s the finest, the most magnificent and one of the most striking aspects of the film. Add these trendsetting Jewelry styles from the ‘magnum opus’ Bajirao Mastani to your collection and dazzle like a diva. For once let your jewels do the talking!!

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