All About Punjabi Brides : Trends In Jewellery, Outfits and Makeup

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Punjabis are known for their forward thinking and fun loving nature. Their weddings are very much looked forward to as they are filled with so much fun. They have an legacy of setting trends with fashion and style.

Punjabi brides look extremely beautiful on their wedding day, wearing their trousseau and beautiful jewelry. Here is the perfect guide to know all about Punjabi brides, their attire, and jewelry and latest trends

Latest Trend in Punjabi Bridal Trousseau
  • Changing Colour Trends In Punjabi Bridal Outfits :
    Colour Trends In Punjabi Bridal Outfits

    Colour Trends In Punjabi Bridal Outfits

    • Brides can either wear the traditional salwar and kurta suit which they are famous for or even choose a lehenga choli.
      Red used to be most preferred colour for the Punjabi bride as it signifies matrimony and eternal love.
    • But now the trends have changed, brides have now started opting for contemporary colors in pastel shades like cream, peach, onion, pink, light orange instead of always going for red and green
    • Net dupattas are very much in trend as well, as they give an opportunity to have a sneak peek into the bridal hairstyle
    • The variety of fabrics, embroidery and embellishments that you can find in places like Ludhiana and Jaladhar is amazing; also they will be half the price of what you will find in metro cities and designer showrooms in small cities as well
    • The trousseau should be a mixture of everything possible, zardozi work to pearls
    • The latest fashion in lehenga choli is having a full sleeved choli instead of the traditional half sleeved one. These sleeves are usually of net or sheer material and look extremely elegant on the bride
    • The choli can be short and exposing a tad bit of the naval or the mid riff.
  • Hairstyle Trends and Make up For Punjabi Bridal
    Makeup and hairstyle of Punjabi Brides

    Makeup and hairstyle of Punjabi Brides

    • As for the hairstyle, a middle bun or side bun is usually tied for the bride and decorated with orchids or a gajra
    • French manicures are done for the bride right before the wedding rather than applying the usual red nail polish
    • Also, Punjabi brides these days prefer a clean look and wish to highlight one thing, either the trousseau, or the jewelry or the makeup
    • The makeup is usually always kept slightly simple, while the trousseau and jewelry grab attention. Hence if the trousseau is heavy, then the jewelry is kept comparatively less elaborate and vice versa. The” Clean Look” is in trend these days.
    Latest Accessories Trends In Punjabi Bridal
    Punjabi Bridal  Accessories

    Punjabi Bridal Accessories

    • Bags and Shoes. Never forget to perfect these. A typically traditional potli is just right so that she can keep tiny things like tissues, mint, and phone in this small bag. It can be custom made according to the trousseau with the same fabric and embellishments so that there is no chance of it looking odd and instead blends with your look.
    • The best shoes for a Punjabi bride are juttis or mojaris which are very handy, they can have zari work in neutral colors like gold and silver, so that they match any outfit and also save money and time spent on looking for matching shoes.
    Trends in Punjabi Bridal Jewelry

    No Indian wedding bride is completely ready without heavy jewelry. The most common jewelry worn by a Punjabi bride is the maang tikka, mangalsutra, payal, jhumkas, bangles, toe rings, nath, kamarband and bajuband.

    • Maang tikka
      Maang tikka

      Maang tikka

      Maang tikka is simply a shorter version of shringar patti, worn in the center parting of hair. Bangles are usually made of ivory and are red and white in color
    • Nath


      Nath is the nose ring, a studded one that comes with a chain that can be hooked to the hair above the ear
    • Toe Rings
      Toe ring

      Toe ring

      Toe rings for Punjabi brides are usually made of silver and worn in pairs. The trend in these are also to have dainty gold plated single toe rings
    • Payal


      The payal are also made of silver with kundan, bead and meekari embellishments. Apart from toe rings, a bride needs to wear payal as well on the day of her wedding. Mostly made from silver, it is worn on the ankle, and cones with meenakari, bead or kundan embellishments.
    • Kamarband


      Kamarband is the waistband, but it is not customary for the bride to wear it anymore, is heavy piece of jewellery which was worn during weddings earlier.
    • Bajuband


      Bajuband which is the arm band and is extremely important to be worn during traditional Punjabi marriages. Many brides only wear them on one arms and it has now become optional to wear it.
      Now the most important jewelry for the Punjabi bride, the chooda and kalire.
    • Chooda


      Chooda is the set of 21 ivory bangles which are red, maroon or white in color, they are said to be made of ‘lakh’.
      They are gifted to the bride by her maternal uncle and aunt. During the chooda ceremony, there is a havan during which the bangles are dipped in rose petals and milk. These days the bangles are also pink, purple etc in color.
    • Kalire


      Kalire are the umbrella like hangings which are also a part of the wedding. They are usually golden or silver in color and tied to the bride by her sister or friends and show their best wishes for the bride. Their shape is coconut-like to signify that she never falls short of food in her new home.
      Kaliras these days are trending in ball shaped ones and coloured stone embedded.

    Punjabi weddings are the most lavish weddings in India and the above points definitely make you believe that, don’t they?

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