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9 to 5 lispticks to wear to workHaving to deal with constantly fading colour from the lips can be really annoying. But with the latest range of long lasting stay-on lipsticks, things can be handled a little better.

What Are Long Stay Lipsticks?

Stay long lipsticks are made with a special formula that ensures the longevity of colour after it has been put on. Available in almost every hue, these lipsticks are waterproof and almost always have a matte finish. Choose from our list of favourites so that you do not have to be distracted by the concern of touch ups at your workplace.

Lakme 9 to 5 lakme-9-to-5-lipstick-red-chaos
The ultimate go-to option for work, Lakme 9 to 5 range of lipsticks are waterproof as well as smudge-proof. The sophisticated and smooth matte finish is suited for every formal situation and place. With the amazing range of variety in colour and tint, you need not worry about getting the desired shade.
The colour does not flake and requires only minimal touch-ups. Also, you can forget about the unsightly stains on your coffee mugs and dinner napkins.

Max Factor Lipfinitylipfinity
A fuss- free colour that allows you to put gloss without the need of any touch ups. Can we ask for anything more? The perfect all-day solution to flaunt at your workplace, Lipfinity does full justice to its name. What’s more? Well, this colour is enriched with the goodness and nourishment of lip balm and lasts for 24 hours!
So, this is not just the ideal 9 to 5 makeup but also an easy way to blend into an evening dinner or a sudden party after work.

Chambor Powder MatteChambor powder matte
Worried about dark lips? The powder matte lipstick by Chambor is here for your rescue. The product has an SPF of 15, creates a moisturizing effect and also, releases an anti-ageing formula that would make you fall in love with it.

Colorbar Full Finish Long-wearcolorbar-full-finish-long-wear-lip-color
The opaque intensity of this lipstick does not fade easily. The smoothness is unbelievable given that this too, is a long-lasting 9-5 lip colour. In addition, you can well expect a texture that is soft and does not settle in the fine lines of your pout.

Revlon Colorstay Ultimate SuedeRevlon-Ultimate-Suede-Lipstick3
This is an amazing stay-on product that lasts up to 16 hours! The appearance is matte and yet the product has moisturizing properties. Ideal to be worn at work or even during a weekend getaway.

Best Stay-on Lipstick Tricks

stay on lipstick tricks
A handful of easy tips can help you make your lipstick last even longer. Make sure that you follow the right steps to bring out the best of these 9 to 5 stains.

to apply stay on lipstick?
While it may sound like a no-brain-er, there are a few helpful tips that can add to the effect of your chosen stay on lipsticks:

  • You can start by exfoliating your lips with a soft toothbrush
  • Use gentle strokes to remove all the dead skin
  • Once that is done, you can apply a dash of clear lip balm so that the lips can be plump and the lipstick is easier to put on

Once ready, line your lips with precision and using a nude colour. Fill up the desired shade. Avoid too much of gloss or shine otherwise the colour may wear off sooner than expected.

Make Up Removal : How to remove stay on lipstick

how to remove stay on lipstick
Stay on lipsticks can be removed just like any other lip colour. However, it is better to remove any remaining stain so that your lips can breathe. In order to do so, all you need are a few simple steps.

  • Step 1: Moisten the lips with a damp cloth or cotton swab. This allows easy removal of the most evident layers of colour
  • Step 2: Take the cloth or cotton to wipe of the colour using a consistent inward motion. Be gentle or it may cause chapping
  • Step 3: Let the lips dry and then put on a thin layer of clear petroleum jelly or oil based makeup remover. Let it remain for a few minutes
  • Step 4: Wipe off your lips and all the stain will come off easily. But if it doesn’t you can repeat the step until all the lipstick has come off
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