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All That You Need To Know About Peplum

All That You Need To Know About Peplum

The old school trend was set out again during early 2012. A fancy new way of dressing the midriff: Peplum. A single ruffle of fabric that flares from either the waist or the hip may sound awkward but in reality, that’s exactly what peplum is.

There is a reason why this runway trend has become a high-street hit. Peplum celebrates a waist-to-hip curve which means you don’t have to worry about your shape anymore. Almost anyone and everyone can wear a peplum without wondering if it would look good. The right silhouettes and classy combinations would make sure that your outfit flatters you.

Also, they are extremely versatile. Wear them on a stretch dress, as a tailored jacket or with trousers and skirts that reach beyond your knees. Ideally, pick peplums that are sleek and sculptured. And to give you hints to your new wardrobe addition, we present a handy guide, right here.

The Best Peplum Combinations

Faux Leather Peplum Top With A Straight Formal Skirt

peplum top with a straight formal skirt

A matter-of-fact, no-nonsense look. Be the trendsetter at work with a formal peplum ensemble. Accessorize with a few metals, slip into a pair of chic shoes and you are all set for a great day.

Belted Peplum Jackets With Formal Skirts

Peplum jackets with formal skirts

Another way to dress formal while wearing peplum. This combination would work well for winters as well.

Loose Trousers With Peplum

Loose trousers with peplum

A fun, baggy look that will keep you comfortable all day long. Stay stylish effortlessly as you don peplum trousers with loose, full sleeved tops.

Solid Peplum Skirts With Formal Shirts

Solid peplum skirts with formal shirts

A little bow or a belt in a matching colour takes peplum skirts to another level. Wear them with crisp work shirts to make that perfect pastel statement. Or, you could just wear a light-weight fabric for a much cooler daytime look.

Flared Skirt With Peplum Top

Flared skirt with peplum top

An amazing everyday look that is innocent, simple and yet highly fashionable. Flare on flare never worked so beautifully before.

Peplum And Short Pants

Peplum and short pants

Peplums and shorts are one combination that you can’t go wrong with. Mix and match bold prints with contrasting colours to bring out the best of it.

Peplum And Slim-Fit Trousers

Peplum and slim-fit trousers

This is the perfect look for winters. Feminine, cosy and in sync with the latest trend. Not only that, your trousers need not be exactly the winter-leather kind. Even slim-fit jeans would work perfectly well.

Peplum Dresses With Unusual Cuts

Peplum dresses with unusual cuts

Simply gorgeous. Be the life of every party or host one yourself!

Quick Tips To Carry Off The Peplum
  • Let It Fit You Perfectly:
    The foremost thing to keep in mind regarding peplum is the fit. This design is such that you just cannot afford a loose or overly uncomfortable size. Finding the right fit isn’t that hard either. Make sure that it gently hugs you around the waist while accentuating your lower body. The peplum should be exactly around your hips
  • Don’t Bother About Accessories:
    Let the dress be a statement piece in itself. Accessorizing might bring down the whole beauty of it. But if you must, stick to a dainty bracelet or chain around your wrist
  • Go Versatile With Colour:
    When it comes to colour, you do have a broad palette to choose from. Just don’t go overboard though. Complimentary hues work the best with this design and if you’d like to keep it safe, you can always turn to the classics: black, white and nudes
Colourful printed peplum
  • Have Fun With Prints:
    On second thought, it is no harm in trying printed peplum either. And given the freedom of shape that it allows, you are less likely to mess up. Keep the footwear and bags solid so that the prints can stand out better without making you look out of place
  • Wear It Wherever You Want To, But With A Twist:
    Another upside of the peplum trend is its adaptability. It translates wonderfully from formal to party wear, daytime outfit to chic evening attire and from a cute piece to a to-the-point ensemble. All depends on how you manage to pull it off at the right place and at the right time

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