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Antique Jewellery Designs For Indian Ethnic Wear

Antique Jewellery Designs For Indian Ethnic Wear

Antique jewellery designs

The most charming thing about fashion is that even a century old design can manage to wiggle its way into contemporary styles. More so, the beauty of those antiques are always appreciated and welcomed with open arms. So, celebrating the antique charm, here are a few inspirations to complement your ethnic wardrobe.

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1. Blended Foreign Inspirations

Blended foreign inspirations

Broad neckpieces resembling collars, take their inspirations from Egyptian jewellery. And if that wasn’t convincing regarding their antiquity, the fine carvings and metal work certainly would.

2. Indian Bias

Indian bias

The peacock has always been a favorite motif in India. Look for beautifully shaped peacocks in solid gold. A hint of color in the form of semi-precious stones should do the trick.

3. The National Bird Continues To Rule

The national bird continues to rule

Along the lines of the peacock, why not go for some earrings as well? Gold and Bronze with little beads sum up the very core of the Indian treasures.

4. A Spiritual Twist

A spiritual twist

If you are absolutely particular about the antique nature of the pieces, nothing would suit you better than the sets of temple jewellery. After all, gold is an evergreen heartthrob in southern India.

5. A Glamorous Midnight

A glamorous midnight

When talking antique, silver cannot be overlooked. The beauty of the metal lies in its ability to go well with both traditional and contemporary attire. Add to that some colourful stones and you are all set to receive the best of compliments.

6. Gold And Silver Hand-In-Hand

Gold and silver hand-in-hand

Another antique concept is to utilize the natural look and colour of the metals. Look at the arrangement of silver and gold in these earrings. A highly fascinating design indeed.

7. Mirrors


Some more silver. But this time, with mirrors, a heavy pendant and also, little bells that clink. What a musical reflection of old times.

8. Loose, Heavy And Extremely Traditional

Loose, heavy and extremely traditional

Loose and heavy necklaces in gold always have an antique appeal. Designs representing Hindu deities, adorned with multi-coloured stone work are a must-have for those passionate about such golden ethnicity.

9. Dress Up Your Wrists

Dress up your wrists

Pick some antique bracelets and cuffs to complete your personal treasure collection. Look for delicate carvings and etchings that make a piece stand out from others. The designs should be well contoured and strong.

10. Shiny In Black

Shiny in black

Black metal is another great option when investing in antique designs. Carefully precise forms and engravings do a lot more than just evoke genuine nostalgia. After all, antique does mean more than a 100 years old. If not the piece itself, at least the design.

11. Spin Some Magic In White

Spin some magic in white

And then there is the white metal. Royal and sophisticated, designs made in white come across as really special. Pearls and sweet hued gemstones only enhance the magic. And not just rings, you can experiment with dainty necklaces, bracelets, anklets and even bangles.

12. Pure Yellow Metal

Pure yellow metal

Abstract shapes in the yellow metal will never fail to leave an impression. Take the example of this set of earrings and heavy pendant. The mini-chains hanging at the bottom perfectly balance out the pieces.

13. Gypsy Traditions Revived

Gypsy traditions revived

Or get a mix of all. A bunch of hand jewellery in gold, silver and black metal. Studded with the most exquisite inlay work and even tiny bells. You could pass off as a gypsy queen of the bygone era.

14. Beauty In Simplicity

Beauty in simplicity

You can always choose to keep it simpler with south Indian inspirations such as these pretty earrings. Little golden balls with some pearls for the edges. And a Ruby, a crystal or another semi-precious stone that becomes the focal point.

15. Glittering Charms Of Jeweled Rows

Glittering charms of jeweled rows

Pick up a whole antique set that you can sport at weddings, functions and every time where you need to dress heavily ethnic. The best part about such a design is the way it looks more expensive than it really is. Rows of metal, pearls and beads come across as striking, sparkling and well composed at the same time.

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