Its February already, and yes, the most romantic day of the year is just around the corner. Favorite day for almost every couple right? Well, we definitely don’t want any of you to not have a perfect valentine’s day! So we have decided to help you out. There are tons of thing that one needs to think in order to plan the perfect date, its not easy, we get it. There’s the dinner reservations, the flowers, the perfect outfit, and so many other things. Here is the final checklist on everything you need to mark off so that your valentine’s day goes perfectly:

1. Food


Most couples prefer to go for a relaxed lunch, or a romantic dinner. We have the perfect deals for both. Choose a rooftop restaurant, it is perfect for lunch and dinner both. Make sure that the restaurant has a good wine list to choose from, or atleast a unique alcohol selection. The food can be a bit formal for this day if both of you are up to it. Keep the appetisers light, save some good space for the main course and dessert. Try dark chocolate, the perfect aphrodisiac, or some pie with whipped cream.

2. Atmosphere


You want to be at a place where you can have a good conversation with your better half. So don’t choose a noisy place, where you cant even hear what the other person is saying. Choose a calm and relaxed setting so that you can make the most of the evening. Candle light dinner is cliché but it’s really the best option. Make sure you have reservations, you don’t want to be spending hours waiting for a table on this night of the year.

3. Gifts


Give him something that he would really use. Men are not big fans of keeping stuff that they don’t use. So maybe a vintage watch, nice shoes, or a great perfume if he likes it. Basically think carefully about what you buy but try not to go overboard. An extra bottle of wine wouldn’t hurt either.

4. Clothing


Elegant and classy, these two words are what you should stand for in your V-Day outfit. Don’t go overboard with flashy jewelry, keep it simple but also don’t dress up the way you would for any other date. A dress is the most suitable outfit for a V-Day date. Don’t go for something too short though, as we said, elegant and classy.

4. Hair And Makeup


Doing up your hair in some unique style is not at all a bad idea. Infact, try a different kind of braid, combined with a ponytail maybe. Make your hair sleek on this day, straightening or blow drying are your best options. Makeup needs to be taken care of too, but don’t overdo it. A little bit of eyeshadow and some bronzer won’t hurt, as well as a nice lipstick that matches your dress.

5. Perfume


This is your perfect night, so make sure you smell right. Try a floral or fruity fragrance, rather than a strong and daring one. He will be in love with you even more by the end of this day, that’s for sure. Also, use a perfume and not a deo please, the fragrance stays for longer as well incase of perfumes.

6. Cake And Flowers

Cake and flowers

Yes, he will arrange for the flowers if he is the gentleman you think he is. But you could get the cake maybe? Write a nice message on the cake, and choose a flavor like red velvet, or a heart shape, something that is significant of your love.

7. Music


After a romantic dinner, you could maybe come back home for some dancing and another bottle of wine? Most couples have a song, a tv show, or a movie that signifies their bond, so cash in on that and play your song, and slow dance to it. It doesn’t have to be a slow song, it just needs to be YOUR song as a couple. Spend the night watching your favorite tv show, or movie and end your new years in this perfect cute way.

What else can you do
What else can you do?

Its perfectly fine if you don’t want to just have a fancy dinner for your V-day date. There are lots of other things you can do too. You can go bowling, a movie marathon, hogathon around the city’s best eateries, paintball, you just need to think of something both of you will enjoy equally and you should be fine.

So here was our checklist of how you can make your V-day perfect, we hope it was helpful and wish you a great valentine’s day!

Published by Shalmali Shahane

Shalmali Shahane is a fashion communication student at Symbiosis Institute of Design. She has recently started freelancing to pursue her love for writing. Someone who decided what she wanted to do for the rest of her life at the mere age of 10, she is an art, food and travel lover. A huge drama queen, her greatest passion remains books amongst many others. A strong believer of the phrase “Hope Has Power”, she likes to give her own creative bubbly touch to everything she does.