Brilliant Time Saving Tips For Getting Dressed On A Busy Morning

Mornings, on busy weekdays, can often be nothing less than utter chaos. After multiple snooze buttons, when you finally manage to wake up, another daunting task awaits – figuring out what to wear. You want look presentable and if possible, more, in a matter of minutes. Now you ransack your closet over and over in […]

Bollywood’s Best And Most Rocking Looks From 2015

The young Bollywood fashionistas have brought out their fashion games like never before. Young, sassy and with an innate sense of style, they bring fierceness and boldness to their looks. These Bollywood celebs are making their presence felt at the International fashion scene like never before. Let’s check out the most glamorous looks from Bollywood […]

Top Trends To Rule Mehendi Designs In 2016

The beautiful art of applying Mehendi is an age old tradition in many South Asian countries and the Indian subcontinent. Very often, it is an elaborate and ritualistic ceremony during weddings and festivals. This tradition, interestingly, has continued to retain its beauty even in today’s time. The introduction of modern design elements has made it […]

20 Hottest Lipstick Shades For 2016

A quick look into the Spring/Summer’16 color trends by Pantone and the mood of the year is clear-it is about taking a pause to soothe and comfort the senses while at the same time, welcoming the unexpected combination of vibrant, abstract art. The trendiest colors being Rose Quartz, Peach Echo, Lilac Gray, Fiesta, Iced Coffee, […]

10 Budget- Friendly Anti Ageing Creams In India With Prices

Blame it on the lifestyle, diet, environment or stress, pre-mature skin ageing has become a big concern for both men and women. Treatments like facelift or botox are now quite common and most importantly, the target group are getting younger. But apart from these surgical methods, the rapidly growing market is for ‘non-surgical’ treatments like […]

Valentine’s Day Nail Art – Love At Your Fingertips!!

It’s February, the most romantic month of the year! Whether you’re walking down the streets, window shopping at the mall or simply flipping through magazines, signs and colors of love are everywhere. From heart shaped balloons, candies, romantic decors, candles or sexy lingerie, there is romance in the air. Celebrate with someone special or with […]

5 Hottest Shoe Trends In 2016: Everything You Wanted To Know

Attention ladies! The spring 2016 fashion trends already out, soon to be trickled down to street style and office-wear fashion. This time, we’ve decided to pick shoes, undeniably the top favourite section of every woman, as our theme. Yay! Without further ado, let’s check out our list of top 5 Shoe trends for 2016 from […]

10 Superb Ways To Store And Stock Your Lipsticks

For make-up lovers all around the world, there can never be enough makeup collection, especially lipsticks. There’s the pink, red, tangerine, nude, brown, berries-whew! And even among these, such umpteen number of shades to choose from. Has it ever happened that you walk by a Sephora or Mac store and leave without a bunch of […]