10 Diet Secrets For A Glowing Skin This Winter

The dry, harsh and chilly winter season can take a heavy toll on human skin. Dullness and dehydration often seizes the healthy summer glow. Thus, the urge to pile on cold cream or reach out for a heavy moisturizer often, can be huge. But apart from these external skin treatments, diet plays a significant role […]

Long Lasting Foundations For Your D-Day

One of the most crucial steps towards achieving a perfect wedding-day makeup is ‘foundation’. Top makeup artists take great care to ensure that they use the right foundation for the bride and once that’s done, half the job is complete! Without further ado, here’s our pick of the top 10 D-Day foundations for Indian skin. […]

Conservative Swim Wear Options For Women

With the growing awareness of swimming as the ideal fitness and health exercise, the apparel industry has seen a sudden rise in the demand for conservative swimwear styles for women. Besides the extra body coverage, women are looking for designs that are fashionable, trendy and also suit their body type or personality. Check out our […]

Top 10 Western Jewelries With Plain Saree

Plain sarees, far from being boring, allows a lot of room to play around with different accessories. Unlike printed, embroidered or embellished sarees with which extensive jewellery pieces tend to look too busy, these simple sarees can prove to be a beautiful compliment for exquisite accessories. The bolder and edgier, the better! This time, let’s […]

Top 10 Ayurvedic Spas In Bengaluru

The city of Bengaluru, the hub of IT industry in India, has seen a sudden rise in the number people seeking Ayurveda therapies to treat diseases, seek a healthy lifestyle and to relax, rejuvenate and recuperate. These spa treatments provide a natural retreat from the hectic and stressful modern lifestyle. We’ve brought a list of […]