Bras that will make you look fabulous!Bras are something that girls and women admire for the style and shape they provide to their body. It just automatically makes us believe we’re more beautiful on the inside. There are a few of these supportive beauties that you just have to know and wear!

If you are still confused, the time is now to be sure!

A Convertible bra

Convertible Bra

You can experiment your convertible bra with cut-outs and crisscross styles. They are one of the hottest fashions these days, and they look appealing. Another option is multi-way bras, which are can be used in many styles Eg: it can be fixed on one shoulder, worn strapless, or style it in a crisscross manner.

The Marilyn Monroe bra (halter necks)

Halter neck Bra

This kind of bras are for your halter neck tops, blouses, dresses. It has a strap that goes at the back of the neck. Halter neck bras offer maximum support without the straps being visible. A halter neck bra is a recommendable choice for the women with a larger bust who do not wish to go bra less with dresses or outfits.

Seamless bra

Seamless Bra

Silk dresses cling to the body, so the seams of many bras can be apparently visible, which usually causes imperfections with the outfit, making it look shabby. The best option for these dresses is a seamless bra. It gives you a smooth finish for your body hugging t shirts as well. They are mostly padded to give a seamless finish.

The Lacy ones

Lacy Bra

Lace dresses usually look quite revealing, and the bra which is worn will most certainly be seen.So for a less obvious appearance, bras that suit well with the lace fabric and design can be considered.These bras are sensual in nature, but for a confident woman.

Highly recommended for honey mooners or new brides!. These can also go with a floral short dress. Your are certain to feel beautiful and feminine with a must have like this.

The Cleavage bra for that Maxi dress

Cleavage Bra

A Little show off – a little not!

Best suited bras for these dresses are either low cut or U plunge bra. These bras make sure required support while flattering the dress without interference.

These are the once that say “if you have it flaunt it!”

The Built-in bra

Built in Bra

Certain mini dresses come with a built in bras.

These are convenient because they it’s just one piece and good to goo. It also comes with removable padding.A built-in bra with removable padding offers subtle lift and just the right amount of shaping and coverage that shows the dress in the best light.

Nude Bras

Nude Bra

This bra is like a genie who makes your dreams come true about how bras can offer support and yet not be seen. You can only feel the bras not see them!. These are for your white shirts or your nude shade dresses which are always in trend.

Now you see me, now you don’t!

The Backless bras

Backless Bra

For a backless bra a low back bra works wonders. The structure of this bra is similar to a regular bra, it does provides a strap around the lower part of the back wrapped and joins together closely with the waist for good support.

A backless bra is the other obvious option. As indicated by the name, it does not have back band, and supports steady by shoulder straps, they normally have support holding around underarms. These bras offer light and medium support both, which is why they are not suitable for women with large busts.

Stick on Bras

Stick on Bra

Silicone adhesive bras can also be one of the choices in the list. These have no back band. They are placed with adhesive strips built into the bra.Silicone bras stay in place for long periods, even when wet.They offer only light to medium control, and are not mainly recommended to women who require more support.

Transparent Bra

Transparent Bra

Transparent Straps on bras are a wonderful choice, especially for those women who have larger busts that require very firm support, which strapless bras can never provide. The back band of these bras is mostly skin colored or transparent.

Visible Bras

Visible Bra

These are for women who dare to show. You can be a trend setter with neon straps. Beeded or decorative straps are also available in the market to go with your spaghetti straps, ganjis, sleeveless etc.

You have a choice also to mix match straps eg: go with a neon orange on one shoulder or a florescent pink on another. If you want a bolder look go for a dark well fitted one with a light shirt. When you are comfortable and confident from “the inside” it will definitely reflect on the outside. Be proud for you are a WOMAN!

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