Best Cover Ups for Fall Winter 2014

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A cover up is an over-garment that accentuates an outfit making it more interesting. When you think of a cover up, a light weighed fabric generally worn over bathing suits comes to one’s mind. It’s a general assumption that these garments meant for hot weather but in actuality, it’s an amazing transition piece from summer to fall. It can be worn not only for functional purposes but also for an aesthetic appeal. It’s a wonderful piece to make a casual outfit look like been put together when in reality you’re just throwing something on. Let’s talk about various kinds over cover-ups that can be worn during fall/winter.


Face it, everything’s better in a cape because everything you do instantly becomes more dramatic. A cape is such an interesting garment to own. Although it may appear as if a lot of thought has been put into the ensemble, styling a cape is easier than anticipation. It looks effortless, formal and could be a conversation starter. They are great for layering and flatter almost every body type. Also they keep you toasty for the chilly days in style.


Kimono jackets or shawls are perfect if one comes from a region where the temperature isn’t low enough for sweater-weather. They are easy, loose fitted,breathable and light yet provide some coverage. They can add an exciting component to a rather dull outfit. It is very versatile and multiple looks can be derived from it. This is why a kimono is easy to layer:

  • They are stitched from a variety of fabrics such as cotton, lace, satin, knits etc. Every kind of a fabric has a distinguished fall and that ties up a look together and sets it apart from one another
  • They vary in length and have multiple silhouettes. There’s flared, A-line, straight fit, some have interesting lapels and odd lengths to fit every body type
  • To include fascinating features, a kimono can be patterned/printed with trims or have fringes. They usually have loose, droopy sack sleeves or loopy sleeves called tippet or no sleeves at all

Kimonos are playful, easy to wear and do the job of a cover up. Here are a few links to find them online.

Forever21: Kimono at Forever21

Free People: Kimono at Freepeople

Koovs: Jackets at Koovs

If you don’t feel like splurging on a simple jacket of this sort, here’s an easy DIY YouTube link. The video shows one of the methods to make a kimono without a sleeve attachment.

Boyfriend Jackets:

Is an outfit too feminine for your taste? All you have to do is add a boyfriend jacket to toughen up your look. The style of ‘boyfriend jacket’ literally comes from girls who initially borrowed their man’s apparel to incorporate it in their clothing. It could be jeans, old band tee, button downs and jackets.

Currently a boyfriend jacket means silhouettes inspired from men’s garment yet fitting a women’s form. This indicates towards loose, straight, dart-less or semi-fitted clothes. Curves are broken into planes giving a structured or boxy appearance.

Usually such jackets are great for semi-formal to casual occasions. Such as these:
Boyfriend Jackets
But quirky additions make wearing such garments fun. Here’s a jacket from UNIF as an example.

This category has a wide assortment; blazers, moto-jackets, bomber jackets, denim etc. If a dress is body hugging or is a little too revealing then such jackets are the best companions since they provide good coverage and extra comfort.

Here’s a link of an online shopping website for boyfriend jackets:

Forever21: Blazer at Forever21


Winters and knits go hand in hand. There are various kinds of cover-ups that knits can provide. Such as cardigans, pullovers, speckled jumpers, shawls etc. This kind of a material is apt for such cold weather since they retain good heat in them. Knits are highly stretchable, light to medium weighed and soft. It’s relatively easy to style knitted garments. Here are some visual examples.

Button down:

A button down shirt is the greatest cover up in disguise. It is a closet essential. Although shirts are amazing to wear solely, they can be paired up with dress, rompers or tops as layers.

Shirts are one of the most easily available clothing articles. It gives off a slouchy, laid-back mood but exemplifies comfort and style. Cotton, flannel, denim shirts with floral or plaid printsare the best examples.

Button down

Button down

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