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Best Designs For Blouse Backs

Best Designs For Blouse Backs

Back-design-blouseThe back of a saree blouse probably gets the least attention when we are busy shortlisting the front patterns. Once you begin exploring, you will be amazed to see the number of possibilities that can be there in the designs of blouse backs. We have handpicked some of our favorites so that you can get some inspiration.

Dori PatternsDrawstring patterns
Blouses with drawstrings add a very grounded rural touch to the design. Whether you go for baubles, tassels or tiny bells, drawstrings will make sure that the blouse fits you perfectly. The bottom part can have abstract cuts adorned with traditional patchwork, mirrors, stones or embroidery. You can also get it designed in the form of connecting circles that run parallel to the drawstrings.

Multiple DoriMultiple drawstrings
If you wish to flaunt a toned back, take your pick from blouses that have multiple drawstrings. These can be criss crossed or intersecting. You can also get special drawstrings made of pearls or beads for a richer look.

Oblong Cutouts For High Necksoblong cutouts for high neckss
Experiment with the modest high neck blouses by adding a circular or oblong cutout at the back. Layered patterns also go well with sarees in contemporary prints.

Criss Cross CrystalsCriss-Cross Crystal
Make your saree look sexy with a blouse that has strings of crystals running at the back. Depending on how many strings you like, you can also increase or decrease the size and pattern of the crossing lines.

Cross BackCross back
Inspired by sportswear, the cross back or racer back pattern is a classic way to add a modern finesse to design. You can also try another variant of the cross back style by opting for inch wide bands running parallel on the top and the bottom. You can shop for ready made bands that are available at fabric stores or you can get them especially decorated.

Ethnic Embellishments On Full CoverEthnic embellishment on full cover
Blouses that completely cover the back are an interesting style that adds drama to your appearance. Choose from geometrical shapes or beaded embroidery to highlight the most of the design that you choose.

Sheer Fabric With A Jeweled Motifsheer fabric with jewelled motif
Blouse with a sheer back can be as stunning as you want. Add stone studded or metallic motifs as the focal point or just one big applique design in the center.

Butterfly Patternbutterfly patterns
Folded pleats held together by a circular charm, disc or ring is a very beautiful design to be tried. The butterfly pattern can also be tweaked a bit for novelty.

Innovative Cuts With StonesInnovative cuts with stones
Think of your back as the surface, the blouse as the canvas and let your creativity flow. Play around with asymmetrical cuts and curves that redefine the back style of the blouse. You can also get semi-precious stones added on the design to enhance the complete look.

Double Fabricdouble fabric
Using two different fabrics for creating a pattern on the back leads to depth and texture. Also, if the colours are contrasting, it would become all the more convenient to create a unique design.

Off Shoulder CutoutsOff shoulder cut outs
Off shoulder blouses can become all the more charming if you pay equal attention to the back details. Repeating cutouts in a definite shape can be a good way to begin with.

Circular Backless Cutcircular backless cutout
Wish to go backless with a full sleeved blouse? Maintain the regal feel by going for a round shape that reveals your skin in a subtle, unexpected manner. Make sure that you go for thread work or other traditional surface ornamentation with this design. That way, you can bring out the best of this style.

Interesting BandsInteresting bands
Bands can be arranged in many ways to create as many designs as you want. Try to imagine or note down the kind of patterns you may like before finalizing one. In case you want the back and the neck all to be made with bands, you need to ensure that the fit is snug otherwise the blouse may look shabby.

Shimmering Stone Strapsshimmering stone straps
Swirling or straight rows of stone strings add a glamorous dimension. You can also try getting the stones partially arranged on fabric. And instead of the stones, pearls and beads can also do the trick given that you opt for a classy design.

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