A glowing skin is a blessing that each one of us craves for, whether it is a conscious teenager or the mom of the teenager, not to forget the dads too! And in the present scenario where our sensitive skin is constantly fighting against pollution and stress, we really need some good skin care habits for a perfect complexion. Well, the recipe for a beautiful, ‘lit-from-within complexion’ is a versatile diet of healthy fats, adequate protein, and lots of fruits and veggies which can help you to achieve that ever-longing radiance. The natural ingredients present in food not only stimulate the pace of exfoliation but also protect our skin from the harmful UV rays which cause wrinkles and brown spots.

fruits and vegetables
So apart from spending on those long hours in salons and your favorite skin cream, come back to the kitchen and plan out a balanced meal to make your skin healthy and glowing.

Here comes the list of those magical foods which can do wonders for your skin. Go on and try a few, if not all, to feel positively beautiful.


This Calcium-rich delicious milk product is packed with multi vitamins and protein and contains Lactic acid which is used as an effective remedy to get a pimple-free clear skin.

It has the good bacteria needed to clean up the digestive system which automatically flushes out the toxins out of our body. Make sure you have at least one cup of yoghurt for lunch or dinner or how about a quick smoothie blended with a fruit of your choice?


Yes, this wonderful grain is an excellent source of fiber which stimulates the digestive process. It contains antioxidants which is important for a healthy and supple skin-tone.

Why not start your day with this easy-to-cook breakfast, which is also heart-healthy and keeps your hunger pangs satiated for long?


This dry fruit is the only plant source which contains a significant amount of Omega -3 fatty acids. It is a boon for vegetarians who can replace fish for this little brain-shaped wonder nut.

Due to its laxative effects, it eases the digestive system. It prevents signs of aging and helps to maintain a beautiful complexion.This mini snack can be consumed in the empty hours between breakfast and lunch when all you need is just something to munch.


This bright red fruit which is mostly used as a vegetable has the amazing property of being your skin’s natural SPF (Sun Protection Factor). Yes, that SPF which we thought was present only in our favorite sunscreen lotion.So include lots of tomatoes in your diet in any form. Eat it raw in your salad, cook it for gravies and find that blushing glow on your cheeks!


Grilled fish
Fish is an excellent source of Vitamin E and the essential fatty acids which act as a natural moisturizer for your skin. And isn’t this what we need the most? Something natural from within which nourishes your skin.Salmon, Mackerel and trout have that ability to vitalize skin cell membranes and also reduce the risk of certain forms of skin cancer.

But don’t forget to prepare it in a healthy way which means grill, poach or bake it. Have it at least once a week and let it replace that protein section of your plate!


This big, plump vegetable which is mostly used to display our carving skills on Halloweens is one of the top sources of Beta-carotene- a red-orange pigment found in all colorful fruits and vegetables. Our body converts it to Vitamin A. This is extremely beneficial for skin cells and is loaded with antioxidants. And amazingly, just a half cup of cooked pumpkin equals to 400% of the daily value of Vitamin A needed by our body.

Dark chocolate

Dark Chocolate
Some things are too good to be true! Yes, German researchers have found that the flavonoids present in dark chocolates absorb UV (Ultra Violet) light, help hydrate our skin and also improve blood circulation in our body. So next time if you happen to pass by the sinful section of Chocolates, don’t forget to pick a few for the whole family. And eat it at any time of the day to enliven your taste buds and happily enjoy the benefits of this cocoa-filled snack.


This fruit is a delicious source of our skin-saver Vitamin C. It helps in the formation of Collagen which repairs our skin and makes it soft, supple and moist. It also contains antioxidants and fibers which help the body in removing the wastes and toxins. Just one medium Kiwi fulfills 120% of our daily need of this essential vitamin.

Why not give it a try and enjoy the fiber rich fruit?


How can we forget nature’s best gift to us? Water is very essential to eliminate toxins and impurities from our body. It is the most easily available medicine which gives you a well-hydrated, clear and fresh skin. Drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day and make it your first choice since it has Zero calories and abundant benefits.

So start from today, select the right kinds of food, eat it at the right time, quantity and enjoy whatever you eat to see your skin glowing and happy! And once you follow the changes in your diet, give it some time. Since it takes about six weeks for new skin to appear up to the surface, the benefits from your dietary changes will be visible only after that. Another important fact is to follow a routine and stick to it.Good Luck!

Published by Afshan Rizvi

Afshan Rizvi is a Post graduate in Commerce, and has an experience in the field of editing magazines and journals related to Business Management and Finance. She has written articles and columns for newspapers and also has an affinity towards reading, music and cooking. Spending time and interacting with kids is one of her favourite pastimes because she believes that just as reading is a powerful source of growth, inspiration and new ideas, kids take us to an amazing world of their wisdom and show us the world from a different perspective.

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