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Best Skin And Hair care tips for Holi

Best Skin And Hair care tips for Holi

Holi is lurking just around the corner and the excitement is evident among those who love to celebrate this festival of colours. All the excitement is perfectly fine but what about the ugly part where hair would remain matted for days or ears would stay a ghastly green for weeks and skin would continue to fight the rashes Well, this year let the madness begin only after you have taken sufficient precautions to protect your hair and skin from the adverse after effects of Holi.

    Pre Holi advice for skin
    Use herbal colours for Holi
    Use herbal colours for Holi
  • Use safe colours
    It goes without saying that the dyes and powders which are used for playing Holi can cause some serious effects on the skin and hair. These colours are loaded with chemicals and sometimes even metal extracts that can be highly abrasive and that is the reason why they can trigger so many reactions on the skin and scalp.
    Wear a full sleeve dress or shirt to cover you arms.
  • Go herbal
    The safe colours to be used during Holi include herbal powders that reverse the skin reactions. As a matter of fact, a herbal Holi would actually be beneficial for your hair and skin as they would nourish them instead of robbing them of the essential oils
  • How to make herbal colours

  • Use mehendi or henna powder, separately or you can mix with equal quantity of any suitable flour to get a light green shade.Be sure to use only dry mehendi will not leave colour on your face as it can be easily brushed off.
  • By drying the petals of yellow chrysanthemum, various shades of yellow can be prepared in powder and liquid form, the former by grinding, the latter by adding water.
  • Use beetroot paster for a dark pink colour
  • Sandalwood powder for the fragrant yellow!
  • Eco friendly Holi
    Another way to keep your skin and hair safe from any after Holi rashes is to play Holi without wasting water. Not only will a dry version of Holi be eco-friendly but it will also keep you safe from skin and scalp irritation
  • Floral blossoms
    Play holi with flowers
    Play holi with flowers

    Flowers are just as colourful as the dyes and dry artificial hues. The only plus point being that flowers are great for us and a floral Holi can be less messy, more fragrant and a rich experience for beauty!
  • Shields of oil
    Believe it or not, use of oil before playing Holi can serve as a shield against the drying effects of the colors. Apply coconut oil and castor oil, remember to apply it in the insides of the ear as well.
  • Lotions and moisturizers
    Moiturize your skin before playing holi
    Moiturize your skin before playing holi

    The best precaution for your skin is a heavy oil based moisturizer that is preferably unscented and chemical free. Applying such lotions all over the body will repel the colours from staying or sticking on for long
    Also, it is better to avoid water based or oil moisturizers as they might wash off before they can protect you.
    Use a water proof sunscreen
  • Nail, Lips and Eyes
    • Use a bright coloured nail polish and be sure to apply a few coats, so that the holi colours dont stick to your nails.
    • Protect your lips by applying a lip balm or Vaseline
    • Dab some petroleum jelly on your earlobes and neck so that later, you can remove the colours more easily.
    • Put on a pair of shades or glasses, it will not only protect your eyes from heat and colours but will also stylize the whole look.
  • Keep it clean
    Play clean holi
    Play clean holi

    Make sure that you play Holi only with trusted people in your family and friend circle and also ensure that they do not use any funny substances like cow dung or eggs to turn the festivities ugly instead of colourful! Holi colours with a combination of these filthy things can wreak havoc on your hair and skin leading to horrible reactions which might even need a dermatologist’s attention.
  • Post Holi treatment for skin
  • Before going in for a shower, mix a thick paste of oil and flour and rub it on your skin, massage it till it starts disintegrating and the flour falls off your skin. This is a tried and tested method. And its boud to take the colours off.
  • Use of soap: is not recommended as this dries up you skin further. What your skin wants right now is just moisture.
  • Hot water bath: Go for a hot or warm shower as this is effective in removing the colours and oil from your skin.
  • Soothe any irritated skin or a rash with a cooling moisturizer.
Hair Care
Oil your hair
Oil your hair
  • Prepare your Hair before the celebration:
    • Oil your hair- Use any oil that suits your hair, coconut oil is advisable.
    • Braid your hair: Side braid is in vogue these days, this will prevent your hair from getting matted
    • Bun it up,so that it is not affected much with colours of the sun.
  • Olive, coconut and jojoba
    Oils of olive, coconut or jojoba are perfect for protecting your hair in the same way lotions protect your skin.
  • Use a bandana
    Cover your head with a bandana
    Cover your head with a bandana

    The best idea would be to not let your skin and hair be exposed at all. Wrap your hair in a bandana or cover your head with it so that no colour can penetrate the hair cuticles nor the scalp.
Post Holi celebrations

Strip ASAP!

Remove all colours from your hair and skin after the celebration
Remove all colours from your hair and skin after the celebration

  • Once you are done with the celebration, you should not delay shower at all.
  • The longer the colours remain on your body, the more harm they would cause.
  • If possible, take help with the hair wash so that you can get rid of all the colours effectively.
  • Do massage your hair with oil and go in for a hot water or warm shower to clean up the oil and the remains of colour from your hair. Condition your hair with a good conditioner, this is a MUST to help your hair return the lost moisture

Look for any abnormal signs or allergies occurring as a reaction to the harmful colours. Usually home remedies should take care of minor allergies, it is advisable to consult a specialist in this regard.

Remember that Holi is meant to be celebrated with laughter, cheer and colours. If the latter is not compatible with you then it is al right to leave and turn to better alternatives. After all, your health and beauty are more important than a celebration that is filled with madness and wild splashes of tainted water.

Wishing all of you a Happy, Safe and Stylish Holi!

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