Crop-TopA steady and strong trend, which is creating a buzz in the bridal fashion shows, is the crop blouse trend. The idea of using meticulously designed crop tops in place of traditional blouses has given us some serious inspiration. So here we are, giving you some insight on how to style them right according to your body type and what all looks can you achieve.

What Are Crop Tops?

You must be hearing and seeing a lot of crop tops as these have been a mega trend for quite sometime now. From runways to real life, this short top has been creating some major fashion statements. Crop tops are cropped as the name suggests, covering the upper part of the body and revealing the stomach. They are generally worn with high waist pants or skirts but one can be a little more adventurous and pair them with low waist alternatives.

Welcoming Crop Tops To The Ethnic World

Crop Tops

Crop tops have been in the fashion scene for a long time and now have gracefully made their way into the wedding scenario. Brides and women are going for a more daring avatar by opting for crop tops as a replacement for cholis. We will give you a few tips to consider while you try on this quirky ethnic twist.

Crop Styles For Different Body Types:

Rumor has it, that healthy or women on the heavier side should refrain from wearing crop tops. Well not anymore, crop tops can be worn by anyone who wishes to wear them. However, selecting one according to your body type is quite essential.

Crop top for different body styles

Lean And Slim:
Any type of crop top will look good but people on the lean side should opt for short ones ending around their rib cage. You can go a little bold and wear a low waist lehenga or show off your waist by pinning up your sari instead of letting it loose.

Healthy Or Heavy:
Best way to look slim and fabulous is by opting for a short crop top and going for a high waist lehenga. This will help you cover up your tummy while giving the illusion of a perfect figure.

Heavy Busted:
People who are heavy on the front should avoid high neck crop blouses, as they make you look heavier. Instead opt for plunging necklines like round or v shaped to balance your look perfectly.

Want to make heads turn at the wedding or the event with your desi attire? Here is a list of looks you can try:

Floral Ensemble:
Taking inspiration from Mira Rajput’s wedding reception dress, one can rock the floral look effortlessly. Floral separates look very fresh. The top can have a matching skirt with a color difference or different sized floral prints altogether.

Floral Prints

Passionate Prints:
Printed sarees when paired with printed blouse can create some great deal of awesomeness. The look will be edgy and bold. You can also go to the extent of pairing your sari with a cartoon or superhero themed shirt. Sounds crazy? Well, its worth a try. In terms of lehenga, opt for a crop top that is plain and a skirt with geometric prints to create some drama. Polka dots, chevron, houndstooth, go on and try these out.
Passionate Prints

Sheer Love:
The most preferred option for wedding would be sheer. The look and appeal it creates is very dreamy. A sheer crop blouse will bring out your feminine side. Mix it with sequins to create a more subtle and sexy look. Choose from a nude palette, when opting for a sheer look. Pair it with a heavy work lehenga or saree.
Sheer love

Embroidered Grace:
Heavily embroidered tops can create a very grand and elegant feel. To balance the look, you can also opt for a very plain lehenga or sari. In order to maintain continuity, make sure that the border of the skirt or sari matches the color or work of the embroidered top.
Embroidered Grace

Dos And Don’ts Of Wearing A Crop Top

What You Must/Can Do:

Black crop blouse

  • Opt for full-sleeved tops, to get a more sophisticated look. Experiment with the length of the sleeves
  • Choose velvet or silk material for your crop tops. Such materials look very rich and make the look even more glamorous
  • Accentuate your look with headgear and beautiful chandelier earrings
  • Depending on the neckline, choose a suitable neck piece. For example, a heavy piece for a deep neckline
  • If your crop top is basic, add a heavy duppatta to your attire to make some impact
  • Believe in the power of color blocking and try wearing contrasting separates
What You Must Never Do?
Shilpa Shetty in crop top
  • Throw on jewelry on a heavy crop top. Too much bling is a strict no no. If your top has all the glitz in place, you must consider skipping the neck piece.
  • Always go for a proper fitting crop top when wearing it with a lehenga or saree. Something too loose will just look shabby.
  • Women with healthy bodies should avoid pairing a short crop top with a low skirt
  • 3

Much said and done, this trend is the real deal breaker, this wedding season. So go ahead and get that fabulous crop top and be the perfect desi diva.

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