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Blouse Necklines Adorned With Patchwork

Blouse Necklines Adorned With Patchwork

Patchwork-blouseOf late, the latest designs in ethnic wear have been witnessing a revival of old trends. Patchwork being one of the major ones. It is interesting to see a splash of prints and colours sewed together into one big craftwork. Prints and colours that would have otherwise, had no link whatsoever. Given the very crude and comfortable quality of this craft, the markets have begun to get flooded with clothes that have some or the other detail done in this style. Now, before the trend becomes overtly common and is almost on the verge of fading, we bring to you some of the best ways in which this pattern can be incorporated in your saree blouses.

Floral Details


Flowers add a perfect touch of femininity while also being an element that is rare to go wrong. You can go for little buds as well as full blooms in monochrome or in multi-coloured vines. It all depends on how attractive you want the neckline to be.
Style tip: Pick a saree that does not have anything floral at all. However, a soft shopping bag with similar patches would be ideal for a day out.

Muted Ethnicity


There is no harm in turning to the lesser vibrant hues when picking blouses with patchwork. It would only maintain the very earthly essence of the style. In case, too plain is too boring for you, you can always get a few strands of crystals added to the neckline.
Style tip: You have the freedom to pick sparkling, heavy jewellery with such a blouse. The muted colour would serve as an ideal canvas to highlight those earrings and bangles.

Simplistic Contrast


There is always a unique charm about monochromatic themes. Make good use of it when choosing your new blouse.
Style tip: Keep it as simple as possible. Solids do have an edge over elaborate details most of the time.

Crystal Lining


Every patch can have a crystal lining. That’s the beauty of it.
Style tip: Get matching tassels attached to this kind of design.

Gypsy Inspirations


A bit of patchwork with some mirrors, prints and paints. All in neat, adjacent rows that form a perfect outline for the neck. That is something you should definitely try.
Style tip: Carry a clutch that has some detailed mirror work. And yes, some anklets would be great.

Black Outlines


Create an aura of west India by including some narrow, black fabric as thick outlines for every segment created by the patchwork. This would also help in adding more depth to the neckline. Also make sure that you are able to maintain a very modest colour scheme.
Style tip: Don’t forget a big crystal bindi with this blouse.

A Metallic Curve


Who said patchwork always needs to be extremely colourful? If you are more inclined towards a different look, try necklines that have been completed with solid metal colours such as gold, silver, copper, bronze and so on.
Style tip: Necklaces can well be avoided.

Multi-Colour Segments


Some extra embellishments like beads and stones can always be a welcome adornment when it comes to contemporary patchwork designs.
Style tip: Let the blouse be silver or white so that all the colours can come out most beautifully.

A Rural Touch


Some embroidery, a dash of neutral thread work, typical hues of green and pink and big crystal motif in the centre. There can be no better way to feel connected to rural India through your dress.
Style tip: Invest in some rural style sandals and you’ll be all set to unleash a new wave of fashion.

Little Black Stamps


A very modern design that would certainly win your heart. The colours are important. But the right stamped motifs separated from the rest of the blouse with some piping certainly spell chic.
Style tip: How about some theme-based 3-D nail art? Match it with the stamp motifs and you will be all set to make a statement wherever you go.

Nude Shades


Silk or satin in nude shades can be made extremely gorgeous with the lovely patches that are created with fabrics in the same colour scheme. Some kundan work on the sleeves would only add to the overall aesthetic of the blouse.
Style tip: This is your chance to flaunt a stylish hair accessory that matches well with your complete attire.

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