Every woman loves jewellery in some form or the other. One of the latest trends in body jewellery is the very beautiful body chain. Every top affordable jewellery brand has started selling these pieces of jewellery. This brand new piece in body bling has become quite the trend in recent times with even stars like Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Whitney Port sporting it while wearing bikinis.

A body chain gives a feeling of sexiness and enticement to the wearer and this is the USP of this product! This statement piece cuts through the cleavage and adds some flattering cuts to your body. But this new favorite can also make a body look highly unflattering since it can cause tummy lines and flatter unwanted areas as well.

In this article we will tell you exactly

  • How to wear body chains,
  • Types of chains,
  • what to wear them with and just about everything you need to know
History of body chains

Body chain
The concept of body jewellery traces back to Indian origin. Indian women have always decorated their waist area with light or heavy chains that are worn over saris/dresses or exposed bellies. The style entered into the European world where women there popularized the trend of wearing chains over their bellies partnered with the casual crop top and pants/skirts.

What should you wear a body chain with?

Rihanna in body chain
A body chain is almost worn like a piece of clothing, which makes it a kind of an outfit in itself! It can completely transform the look of the person if worn correctly! Here Rihanna has worn it with a bikini, but you don’t have to be wearing a bikini to look smoking hot in it. You can wear it with a simple crop top, shorts suit. Keep your outfit as minimal as possible so that you draw attention to the chain.

That doesn’t mean you have to wear less clothes, rather try to not wear prints, or multiple pieces of clothing otherwise the chain might get entangled into the various layers and that would cause nothing but discomfort.

If you are ready to be all out daring, then ditch the tank top worn inside a blazer. Wear a classy blazer all by itself with a deep neck, don’t button it up! And let the centre part of your body chain become the highlight of the outfit. Miley Cyrus does it perfectly with this look!

Miley Cyrus in cool body chain

Wearing a body chain in the summer makes a lot of sense because you will mostly be in the mood to take out those bare back tops, bustiers, low cut blouses and crop tops. The thin and delicate body chains with minimal pieces of chunky stuff attached to them look best with these kind of tops! Also, gold, silver, copper are some of the most famous colors for body chains. They add a better appeal to the wearer as well.

It can also look good underneath jumpsuits which are quite the trend right now as well.

What’s the use of a body chain if I don’t want to wear revealing clothes?

Wear body chain over your clothes

  • For all those ladies out there who don’t wear these chains due to being shy of exposing their body, there is some great news for you guys! You can wear these chains over your clothes too!
  • The most basic style trick would be to wear this chain to jazz up a basic top. Whether they are thin or thick, intricately designed body chains look great over black or white basic tops.
  • Keep it super simple though and let it be the highlight of your look, don’t overdo it with earrings, bracelets etc. Let the body chain take the spotlight alone.
  • This way, you don’t have to worry about having that perfect figure either as your abs won’t be seen at all.

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What are body chains made of?

They are primarily made of metals like toned brass, stainless steel and sterling silver.

Statement pieces!

Body chain over top
For the people who simply love making a statement out of their jewellery, there are also some more intricate and bigger body chains which almost resemble a top. These can be worn over tube dresses, or plain tops over which you wear the chain, and then the top just isn’t all that plain anymore!

Leg chains?

Leg chains
Remember Jacqueline Fernandez latest song”chitiya kalaiya” and wondered what she is wearing on her legs?

These are tending accessory. Another intricate piece of jewellery draped across the thigh or sometimes even the entire length of the leg. It is an extremely off-beat kind of trend and has taken the spotlight too! The novelty of these chains is that they can be worn with just about anything. They give a punk rock type edgy appeal when worn over jeans and leggings, or can even look great with bare legs with the metal brushing against the skin.

Body Chains for the plus size women:

Its not a necessity to be size zero to wear this. Like we said before you don’t need to expose or have an flat mid riff. Body chains can be worn on the top that you are wearing. Keep it trendy and just one solid colour to highlight this simple and jewellery.

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