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Bridal Footwear Options In Heels

Bridal Footwear Options In Heels

It’s a somewhat sad reality. The time we spend on choosing a wedding dress and all the fuss over getting the colours and details perfect, not even half of that is involved in the bridal shoe shopping. Though we know that shoes are as important as the clothes and jewellery, we somehow tend to be oblivious till it is almost the last moment. Don’t let a wrong pair of shoes ruin your special day. Keep these quick tips in mind and allot a reasonable time and budget to your footwear.

Points To Keep In Mind When Selecting Bridal Footwear

Look For That Magical Combination Of Comfort And Style


While your wedding shoes need to be chic and presentable, it is more important for them to be comfortable. You cannot afford to compromise on either.

Pay attention to the amount of elevation


How High Should Your Heels Be?

It is very important to consider several factors before you make the final purchase for your wedding shoes. The heels shoudn’t be so high that you can’t walk around comfortably nor should they make you tower over your partner.

Master the art of walking in the new pair


You should make it a point to practice walking in your new pair of shoes well in advance. This is important so that your feet can stay safe from blisters and bites.

Invest In Statement Shoes To Grab More Attention
Nothing leaves a more magical footprint than a pair of exclusive statement shoes. If you know how to pull it off right, statement shoes can be a definite bridal essential.

Have A Strong Backup To Tackle Emergencies


Do buy a cheaper pair of shoes that are similar in appearance to your bridal footwear. These can act as a handy back-up in case something goes wrong.

Venue Matters


The venue does have a role to play in your decision regarding the bridal footwear. After all, you wouldn’t want to ruin a beach wedding by stepping out in stilettos or twist your ankle by walking in pumps on a mountain.

Best Options For Bridal Heels

Wedges and Platforms


Every time you are concerned about the comfort issue that comes with high heels, go for wedges and platforms that allow sufficient cushioning while lifting your feet at a uniform level.

Kitten Heels


For those brides who do not wish to appear too tall, kitten heels will lend you the ideal look and comfort.

Cone Heels


Add more interest to your feet by slipping on cone heels that are not so common which is what also makes them highly interesting and unique.

Strapped Sandals


Strapped sandals in various styles, made with different types of materials and available in an array of sophisticated designs, are another footwear option that a bride can look up to.

Block Heels


Just like wedge heels, blocks are extremely comfortable and stylish at the same time. Choose from decorated blocks to beautifully embellished designs that reflect your personality.

Interesting Elements To Look Out For

Satin Cover


Shoes made with materials like satin and velvet have a very regal old world feel to them. Pick one in a bright vermillion hue or match up the colour of the pair with the colour of your ensemble.

Nudes And Transparent Surfaces

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Shoes in nude colours or those having transparent surfaces will go pretty well with other dresses too. So, you will be making a smart choice by picking such a pair that will continue to serve you way after your special moments have passed.

Glittering Embellishments


What’s a wedding without jewels? Shoes adorned with a bunch of embellishments like crystals, stones, artificial flowers and motifs will be a beautiful match for your lehenga, gown or any other ethnic wear.

Prints And Motifs


In case the 3D elements seem to overwhelm you too soon, you can always go for something flatter. How about golden motifs or abstract prints on a dark base colour?

Metallic Colours


Again, if you are looking for something that will let you use the shoes after the wedding, you can go for metallic shades of silver, gold, copper etc. Not only will they complement bridal and ethnic attire but will also be a smart choice to sport with party wear.

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