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Bridal Hairstyles : Floral Buns

Bridal Hairstyles : Floral Buns

Bridal hair BunsFlowers have always been an essential element of bridal wear. Right from decorating the venue to being an important part of the traditional wedding rituals, flowers are pretty much indispensable. Loved for their beauty and fragrance, flowers also have other significance in many cultures including those of the south Indian states of Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and even the neighboring regions.

Flower Buns Are Finding Their Way Up North

The beautiful way in which flowers adorn the hair of the southern brides has grabbed the fancy of north Indian women as well. Some of the most innovative styles are being adopted by the brides from the upper part of the country. Flower buns and their interesting variants have already started to make their way up north.

Buns Are Good Option for Brides With Short Hair

Golden FlowersGolden flowers  and  Buns resembling flowers
Gold, an important traditional wedding staple is now used more creatively. Golden flowers in varying shapes and sizes are now a must-have ornament for many brides. The number does not matter. Whether it is two large petals or mini flower buds scattered on a high bun, the charm is equally attractive in every case.

Artistic DecorationArtistic decoration
Sometimes, brides love the way south Indian hairstyles are used as a canvas for some sort of artistic expression. No wonder, floral decoration on and around the buns are becoming more and more popular.

Vintage RosesVintage roses
Roses are a classic favourite in more ways than one. Whether used as a modern tiara or a very royal wreath wrapping the hair, roses in different colours add the perfect touch of elegance to bridal buns.

Jasmine GarlandsJasmine garlands
One of the most common and well known floral adornments for hair, little garlands made of Jasmine blossoms are perhaps the most Indian hairstyle for every occasion. They are popularly known as Kajra (कजरा).

Wildflower BunchWildflower bunch
Similar to the Jasmine garlands, small wildflower bunches that are put on one side of the head seem to be a contemporary twist to the ethnic hairstyle which brides often love to embrace on their special day.

Exclusive Floral AccessoriesFloral-Accessories
North Indian brides have a thing for hair accessories. What better way to buy one if not in the form of flowers? Arranged beautifully and strewn in interesting patterns, such accessories reflect an unusual fusion of cultures.

Bouquet InspirationBouquet-Inspiration
A splash of colours on the hair is one way to add a new dimension to bridal hairstyle. Quite similar to the southern floral ornaments, north Indian brides are embracing new ways of mixing different kinds of blooms for their hair.

Orchids On The SideOrchids on the side
A couple of big orchids on one side of the hair look elegant and well balanced. It is a good way to make the most out of the beauty of flowers and the styles of adorning them.

Artificial Fusion FlowersArtificial-fusion-flowers
For those intolerant or allergic to certain flowers, artificial replicas of the originals can be a good option. Also, with artificial blooms, there are no seasonal hassles as such.

Buns Resembling FlowersBuns-Resembling-Flower
Another interesting and creative step that is taken by northern brides recently is to create flower shapes with the bun itself. Doing so, adds a very unique element to the bridal hairdo and also, acts as the perfect supplement for flower buns.

Jasmine Garlands With OrnamentsLong-Jasmine-Garland
The usual Jasmine flower buns can be take a step further by adding a handful of metallic ornaments here and there.

The Appeal Of A Single FlowerThe appeal of a single flower
And for those who find all the flower dos way to overwhelming, there is always the classic idea of picking one statement flower that rests on the head as a lovely focal point.

Long Mix Flower GarlandsMix-Flower-Garland
Hanging strands of marigolds, roses, jasmine and other varieties are another attractive style to try. As the bun remains hidden under the bridal veil, the long garlands are visible beautifully.

Stone Petalsstone petals
Another gorgeous way in which flower buns have become a part of north Indian trousseau is through carefully crafted petals studded with precious or semi-precious stones. These stone flowers serve two purposes. One, of embracing the floral bun tradition and two, of acting as a standalone piece of jewellery that the bride can cherish for years to come.

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