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Bridal Inspirations From Bollywood Movies

Bridal Inspirations From Bollywood Movies

Bollywood-BridesHave you ever looked up to a Bollywood beauty and thought to yourself Damn, I wish I could look like that? Today we are taking some inspiration from those beautiful Bollywood brides and decoding their look. So if you are a bride-to-be, then you are in for a treat.

The South Indian Bride


Deepika Padukone looks so glamorous in the typical red Kanjivaram sari with a heavy golden border.

Hair: Her hair do is very simple. Straight hair, with middle partition. A small puff has been created to add volume. The rest of the air is tied in a bun. Then the usual gajra has been put up to complete the hair.

Makeup: Minimal Makeup, with subtle shades. The eye make up consists of kajal and voluminous lashes. However, you can add bronze eye shadow to create a grand look. Put some pink blush on your cheeks.

Jewelry: South Indian weddings have a lavish display of gold jewelry. However, Deepika manages to layer up effortlessly with one major chunky gold necklace followed by some chains. Plain jhumkas have been added along with a very elaborate maangtika. The cherry on the icing is the Grand Kamarbandh, which completes the look.
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The Rajput Bride

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Aishwarya Rai played the Rajput bride. She wears a beautiful red joda in this movie. The attire is as lavish as her character, with a lot of gold detailing.
The look is royal, classy and true to the epic nature of the era.

Hair: The hair has been tied in a usual plaid.

Makeup: The makeup looks very subtle and nude. Bronzer has been used to highlight the cheeks. A pink eye shadow has been creatively used to highlight the eyes and create depth. Winged eyeliner followed by a peach shade lipstick.
Considering that Aishwarya Rai is naturally so beautiful, not much is required. But you can add some more drama to your look by going for a deeper and richer lipstick shade like red or maroon.

Jewelry: Aishwarya Rai puts a series of necklaces right from a collar one to a choker to more elaborate ones. The necklaces are so beautifully arranged that they look like a part of the attire. Intricate stone, pearl and kundan detailing can be seen. The maangtika is the traditional Rajasthani style and the jhumkas along with the nose ring add some major grandeur to the look.

The Muslim Bride


Sonam Kapoor plays a smart and elegant girl in Dolly ki Doli. Now she has many bridal avatars in this movie, but we chose the Muslim Bride. All decked up in a green and golden attire, she pulls off the pista green with finesse.

Hair: The hair has been parted sideways and elegantly tied on the back.

Makeup: The make up here is glamorous. She has played with golden and bronze eye shadows to create a dramatic eye look. The look has been finished with glittery eyeliner preferably in green or golden. Rosy pink cheeks highlighting the cheekbones completed with cherry colored lipstick.

Jewelry: The jewelry is simple and stylish. Pearl and gold being the key elements here, the maangtika, and necklace have a lot of pearl detailing. The earrings are chunky and bold.

Although here Sonam’s style is very subtle, you can actually add semi precious stones to your look.

The North Indian Bride


Kareena Kapoor played a quirky bride in 3 idiots. No body can forget the epic scene where she runs away from her wedding in a very elaborate red joda.

Hair: The hair has been done in a tousled manner. Letting two perfectly cured strands free, rest everything is perfect sealed either in a plaid or a bun.

Makeup: Kareena Kapoor has some amazing cheekbones and the makeup very clearly brings them out perfectly. The smokey eyes are totally drool worthy along with a shimmery eye shadow. The look has been finished with a peach nude lipstick.

Jewelry: You can just not miss the beautiful jhumkas with pearls and kundans. The jewelry also has red stones matching the dress along with a maangtika with similar detailing.

The Kashmiri Bride

Nargis Fakhri looks like a dreamy angel as a Kashmiri bride. The orange outfit with detailed gota work and do notice the double border. The best element is the unique traditional hat that she has on.

Hair: the hairstyle is a plain bun.

Makeup: The makeup is yet again very subtle. But if your outfit is not very loud, you can actually go for bold hues. Go with metallic shades and definitely cheek bone contouring. If your over all makeup is subtle, you can choose a bold lip shade. But if your makeup is shimmery then you should opt for a nude lip shade to balance the act.

Jewelry: For jewelry, Nargis is all dolled up in long gold chains. The necklace has plain gold detailing without any stones or pearls. The maangtika along with the earrings is in matt gold finish giving it a very authentic look.

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