The most special day in a woman’s life is the day of her wedding. All eyes on her, right? No wonder brides prep so much for their wedding including their outfits for the various ceremonies, the hair and makeup, the venue, food and tons of other things. Most brides hire a makeup and hair artist for their wedding day, but please don’t make the mistake of thinking that your job is done there. Some research on the do’s and don’ts of your makeup won’t hurt. Quickly go through these tips about your bridal makeup and save up on last minute panic attacks:


Beautiful bride

Always Do Referencing For Your Bridal Makeup
This will be helpful as you can fix the mistake in your makeup trial itself. Get images of makeup that you like and let the makeup artist try them on you. Remember that if you have the skin tone of Dita Von Teese, then the kind of makeup that Kim Kardashian applies wont translate the same way on you! Dream all you want about how beautiful you will look, but don’t forget to be realistic.

Makeup Kit

Its Your Wedding, So Don’t Let Anything Hinder You From Choosing The Best
This includes your makeup. Whether it’s a foundation, concealer, lip or eye products, go for the best brands in the market like M.A.C, Kryolan, Dior, Chanel, etc. These products will see you through your wedding day with utmost ease.

use individual lashes

Use Individual Lashes, Always
They make your eyes stand out better and also are way more subtle than full lash strips. Try differing lenghts of lashes for a natural fluttery look. Also, nestle them carefully between your natural lashes rather than fixing them above the natural ones.

Bridal Makeup

Beautiful And Different Bridal Makeup
Remember that your bridal makeup needs to be visibly different from your everyday makeup. Start by making your skin even and smooth, then start adding color to your eyes, cheeks and lips to give them a bridal glow.

Highlight browbone

Highlight Browbone
The best way to finish off your makeup is with a highlighter shade on your browbone. This will make your eyes pop in the best way possible. Light matte shade is perfect, pat it onto the outer corner of the brow bone and draw attention this area of your face.


Beautiful bride

Let The Makeup Artist Hijack Your Look
For their wedding, lots of brides have a fixed idea of what they want their look to be like. But some don’t, and the makeup artist may become overly experimental and make you look like someone you are completely not. A wedding look is a more polished version of yourself, not a new version of yourself. Don’t ever forget this and let someone have their way with your best look.

Bridal makeup

Don’t Apply Makeup Only On Face
Don’t just apply makeup to your face, but also apply it to your neck and shoulders. This will ensure that your face is not a separate entity but a continuation of your body. Everything needs to look uniform in order to look your natural best.

Too Glossy too matte

Too Glossy Or Too Matte
Too much of anything is bad, and that applies to makeup as well. Avoid lipsticks which are at extreme ends of the texture scale. A moisturising, satin finish lipstick will be best for a wedding, it will also wear off more evenly and naturally. Also, several thin layers of it will be blotted between applications giving them the most long-lasting finish.

No over makeup

Don’t Keep Putting On More And More Layers Of Makeup
It’s a total myth that it has to be plastered on for photographs. Lots of wedding photography is done in natural light, and if you choose a heavy base then the makeup will be quite obvious. When it comes to turning the flash on, make sure that your T-Zone is matte and this can be achieved with fine translucent powders and blotting powders. Layers and layers of makeup are not the solution.


DON’T EVER RUSH. Take your own sweet time for your wedding makeup to be done perfectly. 45 minutes atleast should be dedicated for the same.

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