Mornings, on busy weekdays, can often be nothing less than utter chaos. After multiple snooze buttons, when you finally manage to wake up, another daunting task awaits – figuring out what to wear. You want look presentable and if possible, more, in a matter of minutes. Now you ransack your closet over and over in utter haste, leaving your room in a pile of mess, ready to welcome you home after a hard day’s work! Whew! So, too make your morning routine a lot easier, we’ve come to the rescue with 10 smart time-saving tricks that’ll speed up your dressing routine. Try these tips and waltz through your busy mornings!

Time Saving Tips To Get Dressed

Have A Weekly Wardrobe Game Plan


Keep the weekly weather forecast in mind, the places and meetings you’ll most likely to head during the week and plan your wardrobe ahead. For instance, if the air is slightly chilly, you’ll need blazers/coats or if you’re likely to go out with friends, place your dresses/jeans in closet areas you can easily spot.
It’s a good idea to keep your options open with 2-3 extra outfits, just in case your mood calls for a change. Also, versatile clothes and shoes that can be mix-and-matched always come handy.

Plan Your Outfit The Night Before
It can sound like the back-to-school days, but keeping the next day’s outfit all prepped and ready the night before, can help save a lot of morning time.
If you gym or jog in the morning, keep your track suits, sports bra and running shoes spread out and ready.

Hair Wash Tricks


Dry shampoos are a life-saver to busy people. Most of all, it removes oiliness and actually give hair a blow-dry look!
Need a hair wash badly? Give your hair a good shampoo the night before, you’ll get a more peaceful sleep and wake up with perfect no-fuss hair.

Section Your Wardrobe
Separate your work-out clothes, office clothes, regular clothes and party wears. One shouldn’t have to go shuffle through mini-skirts to reach for gym clothes. When you’re in a rush, it is even more difficult to find stuffs that you want!

Never Keep Unwashed/Stained/Dirty Clothes In The Closet
Imagine having to rush through dressing in 2 mins and finding a stain in your shirt as you step out. Annoying! That’s why dirty clothes need to be kept in the laundry basket. Only neat or dry-cleaned clothes should be kept in the closet.
Any blouses with a missing button or so, don’t hang it in the closet unless you’ve mended it. You’ll thank us!

Organize Your Make-up


There are certain make-up that you wear to parties and a different one for work. Keep these two separate, it’ll be easier for you to search for that nude lipstick that you wear to office.

Carry Essential Grooming Items In Your Bag


Carry a small make-up pouch in your handbag with essentials like comb, hand mirror, CC cream, lip-and-cheek tint, an eye-shadow stick that doubles as a brow pencil and rubber bands. The travel time can prove enough to prep your face.
Include safety pins as well for emergency wardrobe malfunctions or as an easy fix for gaping shirt buttons.
For those who wear glasses, keep a spare in your bag. It isn’t easy to find glasses when one can’t see without them, is it?

Don’t Mix Your Office Jewelleries With Fancy/Junk Accessories


When it comes to daily office wear, subtle delicate jewelleries are the preferred choice. Keep these separate from your gorgeous statement jewelleries. This way, you won’t have to untangle through a pile of accessories to search for your simple gold/silver chain.

Keep Essential Items By The Door
Watch, keys, 2 pairs of versatile earrings and some cash, keep these in a bowl by the front door drawer. You can just grab them on the go! During rainy season, always hang the umbrella and raincoat by the door.

De-Clutter Your Wardrobe
You might think that having more clothes will make dressing easier. Wrong! The more, the messier, unless of course, there’s a well organized walk-in closet involved.
Section your closet into wardrobes that you can easily access. Some people like their skirts, trousers and dresses separated while some find it easier when the likely combinations are kept together. Plan as you please!

Published by Nivedita Longjam

Nivedita is a fashion designer, freelance writer and a computer enthusiast. She believes in the 'Zen' teachings of life that sadly, goes out the window half the time. For the remaining half, a warm cup of tea and the company of good books, good music and her adorable pets help her stay Zen like.

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