Captain Nivedita Bhasin: The Woman Taking India To Soaring Heights

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The youngest pilot in the world in 1990. And the first woman check pilot on an Airbus-300. She was 26 then and 53 years old now! But her achievements are as amazing as they were back then. Nivedita Bhasin is as full of life and energy as she was when she hit her first milestone.



Bright Beginnings



She was passionate about flying even as a child. She joined Aero boarding at the age of 15, after not being admitted to the gliding club. She got all the moral boost and financial support from her parents who wanted her to follow her heart. And she did not have to care about convincing anybody else about her passion.
Bhasin, based in New Delhi, got her license at the age of 18. She flew as the co-pilot on the first all-women crew on Fokker Friendship in the year 1985 as well as Boeing’s all-women crew in September 1989. Interestingly, she was just the third woman to join Indian Airlines, now a part of Air India.

Taking An Unconventional Route



Not being able to go to a regular college did make her feel different. However, the thrill that came with flying, compensated for that missing part. Getting married too had to be well thought of. She was never the one to give up her passion for a man. So, she found the perfect partner in Captain Rohit Bhasin, someone who would understand her schedule and priorities. Because he too belonged to the same industry. The couple did a fantastic job at managing work, home and raising their children.

The Milestones That Made Her Known To The World



The male dominated aviation industry had never seen a woman captain on an Airbus-300. She created history by commanding a commercial jetliner on the Mumbai-Aurangabad-Udaipur route in 1984.
Also, she flew Air India’s newest Dreamliner aircraft from Charleston to New Delhi. This, she did as the only trained woman pilot for the B-787 in the whole world!

The Family Of The Captains



When she is not flying, Nivedita and her husband spend quality time with their two children in their New Delhi home. The kids are in high-school. She has a keen interest in photography and she manages to take out time for this hobby every now and then. Her husband and children supporting her all the time.
Nivedita encourages young aviation aspirants to be focused and to work towards their aim whole-heartedly. She suggests The Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Udaan Academy and the National Flying Premier Institute as two of the ideal places to start training in aviation. Her mantra to never give up is what she wishes others to follow. As it is this dedication that holds the universal secret to success.

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