Style Guide: Choosing The Right Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

An all-time favourite accessory for most fashionistas. Also, an essential must-have for keeping harmful UV rays at bay. Sunglasses are more than just any fashion element. They are not just for making a style statement. They are extremely important for taking care of your eyes and adding the perfect touch of glamour. But, just like […]

National Jewellery Awards 2015-16: A Glittering Night!!

In our Country it has been the tradition to applaud and recognize the highest level of art, creativity and innovation. Contests, inducements and awards are critical in determining and fostering the stars of the future, whilst bursaries help the most gifted people flourish. Jewellery Industry gathered at the Prestigious National Jewellery Awards for a night […]

5 Hottest Shoe Trends In 2016: Everything You Wanted To Know

Attention ladies! The spring 2016 fashion trends already out, soon to be trickled down to street style and office-wear fashion. This time, we’ve decided to pick shoes, undeniably the top favourite section of every woman, as our theme. Yay! Without further ado, let’s check out our list of top 5 Shoe trends for 2016 from […]

10 Superb Ways To Store And Stock Your Lipsticks

For make-up lovers all around the world, there can never be enough makeup collection, especially lipsticks. There’s the pink, red, tangerine, nude, brown, berries-whew! And even among these, such umpteen number of shades to choose from. Has it ever happened that you walk by a Sephora or Mac store and leave without a bunch of […]

8 Crazy Yet Beautiful Ways To Display Your Accessories – DIY

An organized room or a dresser tends to add that sense of finesse which you just can’t miss. In case you were thinking that a revamp project could cost you a bomb, you were really wrong. You just need to give room to your creative side. And as the latter begins to breathe, you will […]

A Sparkle Of Heritage: All You Wanted To Know About “Bajirao Mastani” Jewelry Pieces!!

Bajirao Mastani is an epic 2015 Bollywood film. The details from the movie set to clothing and fine jewelry were spectacular. We just couldn’t take our eyes off the jewelry Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra-the leading ladies of the movie were wearing. The epoch of royalty, the vanity of a woman embellished with courtly custom. […]