Style Statement Unnoticed: Bib Necklaces

Taking inspiration from the little ones, a bib necklace is exactly like a bib. It is broad and falls on the collarbone. Bib necklaces can be crochet, studded, perforated, metallic and son on. What we are going to do today is give you a brief insight on ways of styling bib necklaces. Styling Bib Necklaces […]

Top 10 Chandelier Earring Designs

Everyone woman owns at least one pair of chandelier earrings. In layman’s terms, they are the long, dangling earrings with rhinestones, crystals, etc. And yes, they are long, ornate earrings that are usually dangling from an earring base which is a stud, hook or a clip-on type earrings. These chandelier earrings usually have multiple levels […]

Patiala Necklace – One of the Most Expensive Diamond Necklaces in the World

Jewelry is a big deal in a country like India where people simply love adorning themselves with beautiful diamonds and gold. So how cool is it that there is a necklace especially named after someone from India itself by a brand like Cartier? Patiala Necklace History The Patiala necklace was created in 1928 by the […]

Options In Indian Bridal Bangles

Any Indian bridal look stands incomplete without the luxurious, exquisite and intricately crafted jewelleries. And among all the extravagant fineries that adorn her, the bride considers the bangles to be very significant to her marital life. Separate rituals are held wherein she is presented her wedding bangles. Thus, in traditional Indian culture, it is uncommon […]

Top 10 Anklet Designs For Indian Bridal Wear

Bridal anklets or payals (पायल) have been around for centuries. Now, with an amazing range of style and pattern, these are turning out to be a must-have for almost every Indian bride. Sparkling stones and dazzling charms carved out of metal lend a very ethnic quality to these pieces while still keeping up with the […]

Top 10 Jewellery Brands For Engagement Rings

An engagement ring, for two people in love, marks the first step towards building a life together. Thus, it is daunting a task to find the perfect ring that he would present with his knees bent, in hope for a final ‘yes’ from her. To help out we’ve picked 10 jewellery brands in India where […]

Top 8 Bengali Bangles Designs And Their Traditions

A woman’s love for jewellery is well known and for Indians, a strong emotional and cultural significance also come into play. Among the exquisite Indian ornaments, traditional Bengali jeweleries count among the most popular and sought after. Perhaps it is to do with the fact that even with the influences of modern technology and contemporary […]