All About Punjabi Brides : Trends In Jewellery, Outfits and Makeup

Punjabis are known for their forward thinking and fun loving nature. Their weddings are very much looked forward to as they are filled with so much fun. They have an legacy of setting trends with fashion and style. Punjabi brides look extremely beautiful on their wedding day, wearing their trousseau and beautiful jewelry. Here is […]

All About Gujarati Brides: Attire, Jewellery And Traditions

India is a great mix of various cultures and their traditions. Though Indian weddings are splendid and full of extravagant celebrations, each caste follows its own traditions during weddings. These also include the way the bride dresses, including her clothing, jewellery and even makeup at times. Guajarati’s have a rich culture and heritage and each […]

Crochet necklace: A Must- Have For This Spring

Fashion trends keep pouring in with the start of every new season. It’s exciting to wait for the spellbinding creativity on the runways and the impatience to bring those styles to our wardrobes keeps increasing. So, what is it that is so special about this spring- summer 2015? Crochet necklaces! With lots of texture and […]

The Must Have Jewellery For A Maharashtrian Bride

Maharashtrian weddings are one of the most beautiful weddings in the long list of weddings Indians are famous for. From the sakhar puda i.e.the ring ceremony to the mehendi to the saath pheras, everything is just magical. Maharashtrians are simple people, hence their wedding attire is considered to be less jazzy and more on the […]

Body Chain: How To Wear This New Sexy Statement Jewellery

Every woman loves jewellery in some form or the other. One of the latest trends in body jewellery is the very beautiful body chain. Every top affordable jewellery brand has started selling these pieces of jewellery. This brand new piece in body bling has become quite the trend in recent times with even stars like […]

Top 10 Most Expensive Jewelry In The World

Jewelry – the ultimate form to express your love and gratitude for someone or yourself ;). It’s not just a symbol of love, but also a statement of wealth, status and royalty. It can be tiaras, necklaces, earrings, rings, and even bracelets, adorning expensive and valuable jewelry pieces is a statement to many. There are […]

South Indian Bridal Wear With Jewelry Essentials

The customs and traditions of every Hindu wedding ceremony differ from region to region. Marriages in south India are quite simple and not showy at all because people of this region believe in simplicity. Although, brides in south India keep their outfits simple, but they certainly beautify their bodies with heavy golden ornaments. Here are […]

Top 8 Pakistani Bridal Jewelry Must Haves

India and Pakistan are two countries where bridal jewelry is huge. The bridal look is incomplete without all that heavy gold and diamond ornaments. Each country has their certain traditions, while some of the types of bridal jewelry are common for both countries. Pakistani brides are considered extremely beautiful due to first, their natural good […]

Top 10 Haathphool Jewellery Designs

Hathphools (हाथफूल)are a beautiful albeit slightly underrated part of Indian ethnic jewelry. Almost all Indian brides wear them but what is not well known is the fact that they can be worn as part of contemporary, Indowestern garments during several occasions. Obviously hathphools come is several designs and materials and one must choose the best-suited […]