The All White Trend : Outfits Accessories And Make Up

One of the biggest fashion trends on 2015 is going all white, literally meaning that all the components of your clothing have to be in white. Other colors could be added in terms of the accessories but those too would be limited to blacks, nudes and browns mostly. White is a fabulous and classic shade, […]

Top 10 Chandelier Earring Designs

Everyone woman owns at least one pair of chandelier earrings. In layman’s terms, they are the long, dangling earrings with rhinestones, crystals, etc. And yes, they are long, ornate earrings that are usually dangling from an earring base which is a stud, hook or a clip-on type earrings. These chandelier earrings usually have multiple levels […]

Minion Fashion: Accessories and Outfits

Minions, those cute, adorable, amoeba-like creatures from the Despicable me movies and the more recent ‘Minions’ movie are quite the rage in the fashion world at the moment! Their cute little bodies can be transformed into almost anything, dresses, shoes, phone covers, blankets and what not. Whimsical designs have been created by designers like Rupert […]

Patiala Necklace – One of the Most Expensive Diamond Necklaces in the World

Jewelry is a big deal in a country like India where people simply love adorning themselves with beautiful diamonds and gold. So how cool is it that there is a necklace especially named after someone from India itself by a brand like Cartier? Patiala Necklace History The Patiala necklace was created in 1928 by the […]

Top 5 Beautiful Indian Bridal Headpieces

An essential component of the splendid Indian bridal wear is ornamentation. In almost every region of the country, the bride is adorned with heavy gold and precious stone jewellery. And when it comes to jewellery, the elaborate head pieces are perhaps one of the most striking features in bridal look. Thus, it is not surprising […]