Top 10 Hair Accessories For Girls

Head accessories for little girls are ample in today’s market and it’s growing because parents indulge in buying quirky, cute accessories for their kids. They come in a wide range of variety, from various colors, to certain copies of animated characters. We can even see young girls wearing hair accessories that are worn by adult […]

The Dip Dye Hair Is Here To Stay!

Whoever said that ombre was a dead trend was obviously mistaken! The effect is low maintenance, stylish and offers endless possibilities. With so many pros, it can’t really fade away. Ombre dye tones are a very good way to give yourself a makeover as it completely transforms the appearance of your hair while giving your […]

Top 10 Hair Straightening Tips

Hair straightening is a hair styling technique that involves straightening and flattening of hair so that it gives a soft, organized and slim look to the old frizzy hair. There are permanent straightening and temporary hair straightening solutions for hair. Since permanent hair straightening involves too much chemicals and may damage the hair, so today […]

Short Hair Style – Make It Stylish And Adorable

Tired and bored of your long hair look, so why not go for a short hair style this season? Short hair removes obvious femininity and replaces it with style. Apart from scoring high on versatility and manageability, short hair can actually spice up your look if you choose just the right style that suits your […]