Bollywood Actresses Make-up And Beauty Tricks Revealed

Every time you switch on the TV, you’re surrounded by a bevy of gorgeous Bollywood actresses on-screen. What is in their make-up kit that makes them appear so glamorous and flawless every time? Ladies, watch out, here’s the make-up mantra of five popular Bollywood beauties decoded, including their personal skin-care routines because after all, healthy […]

Inner Lip Tattoos – The Latest Tattoo Trend

The tattoo craze gained new heights when Miley Cyrus instagrammed a picture of her ‘crying kitty’ inner lip tattoo back in March 2014. You can rub it off as another fad but a lot of people out there are getting their inner lips inked. And if you’re planning on getting one yourself, it’s a good […]

All About Punjabi Brides : Trends In Jewellery, Outfits and Makeup

Punjabis are known for their forward thinking and fun loving nature. Their weddings are very much looked forward to as they are filled with so much fun. They have an legacy of setting trends with fashion and style. Punjabi brides look extremely beautiful on their wedding day, wearing their trousseau and beautiful jewelry. Here is […]

Permanent Make up : Lip Colour Tattoo

We always subconsciously judge others based on their facial features, some are upfront about it while some others aren’t. Features like eyes, nose and lips are utmost important in judging the beauty of a person. Lips enhance our look a lot, people with thin and turned down lips are thought of as mean and harsh […]

Animal Print Eye Make Up: Show Your Wild Side

Makeup is the one way to immediately jazz up how you look, and ultimately, how you feel because of its stunning effects. Eye makeup is the best way to try out infinite looks and glam up your look. Whether its eyeliner, eyeshadows, mascaras or just plain kajal, some form of eye makeup is absolutely necessary […]

Eyeliner Tattoo: Another Addition To The Palette Of Permanent Make up

The popularity of permanent make up has been on the rise lately. After eye brow tattooing and inked lips, the latest in line is the eyeliner tattoo. Considering the way in which permanent make up helps in reducing the need to put on lipstick or kohl everyday is the reason why these trends are picking […]

Tattoo Make up: How To Cover Tattoo with Make Up

Tattoos are one of the best expressions of body art amongst things like piercings. But these are not exactly favored by everyone alike. You friends and peers may love them and of course you want to show it off, but there are certain situations like family functions, job interviews or even work for that matter […]

Top 10 Beauty Tips From Shilpa Shetty

The sizzling sexy Shilpa Shetty( शिल्पा शेट्टी ), a wife and a mother, she is epitome of fitness with good looks. She believes in taking up challenges and focuses on achieving it come what may. This go getter attitude is what helped reach where she is right now. She transformed into a confident woman after […]