Common Skin Conditions That Come With The Changing Weather

Changes in the weather affect everything. Right from trends to food habits and even activity levels. And now that the winters are just round the corner, it is time for you to be prepared. Most important, it is time for you to be prepared for protecting your skin. As the cold season approaches, the moisture […]

“Surma”- Enhance The Appearance Of Your Eyes!!

“The eyes indicate the antiquity of the soul.”-Ralph Waldo Emerson The word ‘Surma’ reminds us of the golden Mughal era and the Muslim culture. Earlier only the Royal Rajahs and the Nawabs applied surma. This travelled far and wide not only in India but world over. Even the tinsel world could not escape the surma […]

High-End Brand’s Bridal Beauty Regime Kits

The wedding day is life’s special moment where memories are created and all the emotions, the joy, the happiness and the tears come together. Everything has to be perfect, especially how the bride looks. The makeup, the wedding dress, the hair, everything should be perfetto! No wonder the days leading up the final day can […]

Relaxing Spa Treatments You Should Try For Better Skin

The many ill effects of modern lifestyle like pollution, unhealthy diet, erratic sleep cycles and stress can all contribute to skin damage. If you want your skin to have a healthy glow, it is vital to let it breathe, get purified and pampered. Thus, one should take time to indulge in relaxing spa treatments for […]

Steps: How To Make Your Lipstick And Nail Polish Last Longer

“I have enough Lipstick and Nail polish said no Women Ever!!” The quote is quite apt as we girls love our makeup. Makeup has always been one habit that the women have indulged in since ages be it any part of the world. The makeup as such has been diverse and we women tend to […]