All About Gujarati Brides: Attire, Jewellery And Traditions

India is a great mix of various cultures and their traditions. Though Indian weddings are splendid and full of extravagant celebrations, each caste follows its own traditions during weddings. These also include the way the bride dresses, including her clothing, jewellery and even makeup at times. Guajarati’s have a rich culture and heritage and each […]

Top 5 Type Of Lehenga Cuts For Your Body Type

It goes without saying that weddings are the celebrated with great pomp and show in India. And who looks the best in these? The bride, of course. The most important outfit that the bride wears on her wedding day is the bridal lehenga. And they all have their favorite ones picked out from the runway […]

What To Wear For An Indian Wedding Reception

Indians love to dress up! And what better occasion than a wedding right? The moment the word wedding comes up, we think of our best outfits and tons of photographs clicked in them. It is extremely important that you dress appropriately as there is a very thin line between going overboard and dressing perfectly. The […]

Know All About World’s Most Expensive Sari Blouse

The Sari is one of the most enchanting Indian contributions to the fashion industry. This un-stitched garment has endless possibilities of exploration and styling. Considering that, it is only natural that all the other things, especially the blouse, that accompany a Sari receive their due share of glamour and innovation. So, what would you say […]

South Indian Bridal Wear With Jewelry Essentials

The customs and traditions of every Hindu wedding ceremony differ from region to region. Marriages in south India are quite simple and not showy at all because people of this region believe in simplicity. Although, brides in south India keep their outfits simple, but they certainly beautify their bodies with heavy golden ornaments. Here are […]