Top 10 Deepika Padukone’s Indian Bridal Outfits

Be it bridal wear, couture, jewellery, hair, or make-up, The Queen Bee has rocked it all. Taking a trip down memory lane, we show you the best bridal wear Deepika Padukone (दीपिका पादुकोण)has donned and how. Combing fashion and film is one of the things India is famous for, and it’s a great combination. Whether […]

Top 5 Swarovski /Zardozi Embellishments In Blouse Designs

The saree is one classic piece of clothing that never goes out of style. However, fashion is never constant and in order to keep up with the same, it is important to carry even the most traditional attire in interesting ways. In this particular case, pretty embellishments and patterns in blouses can be the centre […]

Top 5 Most Expensive Indian Wedding Outfits

Weddings in India are a grand affair, and when you have an exorbitant amount to spend, then it becomes the ‘big fat Indian wedding’. From a royal destination to expensive invites and a five to six day stay, they become a gala family vacation. Weddings are a special day for the bride and the groom; […]

Top 5 Bridal Designers in Bengaluru

Trends, designs, prints, fabrics, patterns, hues… Bling! If these painted words amuse you within an earshot, you’re undoubtedly a fashion maniac. Innovative designers have flourished the field of fashion all over the country, and if we specifically look into Bangalore’s account, it is leaving no stone unturned to level up to the best. Glancing into […]

Make A Style Statement with Necklaces : Latest Neck Pieces For Saree

Sarees or the Indian evening gowns as westerners call them are a vastly celebrated un-stitched garment. More and more modern Indian women are adopting it and making it their own. We love western outfits too but in special occasions we choose a saree over any western outfit any day. We match the traditional sarees with […]

Top 10 High Neck Blouse Desingns

‘The less skin you show, the sexier you look!’ –Coco Chanel There’s a thing about long sleeves and high rise necklines. They compliment every woman irrespective of age, body type or profession! The elegance of covering up can never be denied. Couple that with the traditional Indian classic saree and wow! There we see royalty! […]