Conservative Swim Wear Options For Women

With the growing awareness of swimming as the ideal fitness and health exercise, the apparel industry has seen a sudden rise in the demand for conservative swimwear styles for women. Besides the extra body coverage, women are looking for designs that are fashionable, trendy and also suit their body type or personality. Check out our […]

What To Wear To An Office Christmas Party?

December is here and everybody is talking about celebrating Christmas and welcoming the New Years. It’s that time of the year when the Calendars are packed with special events and parties with friends, dinner parties with family and of course not to forget the Christmas Office Parties. These Christmas parties are a great official event […]

Mix And Match: Style Black Saree In Different Ways!

For every Indian woman, wearing a saree is always a moment of pride; she gets to celebrate tradition while looking ultra-stylish. Our Indian sarees somehow have the magical ability to bring together culture, elegance and style! Today, sarees have become fashion statements, we often see famous celebrities wearing them on the red carpet. A lot […]

10 Amazing Ways To Reuse Old Silk Sarees!!

Sarees are the most timeless and graceful garment in a woman’s wardrobe. Although we love our sarees yet we have several of them which we haven’t worn for ages. We have kept them, as we have sentimental value attached to them e.g. wedding sarees or sarees passed on to us by our mothers or grandmothers. […]