Top 10 Home Remedies For Fresh Breath In Women

Bad breath can be a real bummer. It leads to lack in confidence and can make you really conscious. There can be many reasons causing this, something you ate, your brushing technique or even some health problem. Today we will be highlighting the causes of bad breath and giving you remedies to prevent the same. […]

13 Whiskey Benefits That Will Blow Your Mind Away !

All you party people, your weekends are going to get even more fun. What if we told you that drinking can actually be good for your health? Yes you heard it right. Apparently our all time favorite “whiskey” has some amazing health benefits. Don’t believe us? Well we have proof. Whiskey is made with some […]

Tattoos during Pregnancy – The Risks involved

The nine months of pregnancy is a special and emotional journey that all moms-to-be would want to commemorate and remember. Some capture these moments through photographs, paintings or writings, while some like to get their skin inked with a special tattoo. Getting a permanent tattoo is indeed a unique and somehow, beautiful way to celebrate […]

Effective Yoga Exercises For Enhanced And Firm Bust

Yoga is a very effective and fast method of enhancing breast size, shape and strength. Yoga exercises with particular types of stretches can give improve your figure while making your bust and butts attractive and sexy. These yoga poses basically help you tighten the muscles in your chest. These poses put your breasts in a […]

Cucumber Benefits For Skin Hair And Body

What comes to mind when you think of fresh and cool vegetables? Cucumber is definitely one of them. The crunchy cucumber is amazing to eat in this scorching heat, is one of the oldest crops cultivated and originates in India itself. The scientific name of cucumber is “cucumis sativus”. It is one of the super […]