Yoga Exercises for Face.

Yoga – This remarkable four-letter word instantly makes us visualize a healthy and well-maintained body, which is free from terms like illness, fatigue and pain. Not only for adults, yoga is claimed to be an excellent training for children and adolescents too, because of the benefits it renders, whether it is physical flexibility, mental clarity, […]

Top 10 Winter Travel Essentials Every Women Should Have

Winter travels always bring vivid visual descriptions like associations with soft pastel sceneries, pink cheeks, soft cold breeze and tantalizingly stylish overcoats alive. When it comes to traveling during low temperatures packing can somehow be bittersweet. We all have traveled during winters and plan on doing it again. So, why not this time we travel […]

What is Detoxing – Benefits, Tips To Follow Detoxing

Purification of anything is always appreciated because it is the process of rendering something pure and eliminating all that pollutes or adulterates. This purification can be of our mind, soul or body. We undoubtedly believe the fact that good physical health denotes a healthy state of mind. We also know that body and mind cleansing […]

Top 6 Types of Zumba Workout – History, Preferences and FAQ

Fitness is the new mantra of life. Young or old, timid or bold, everybody seems to be in a rush to get that perfect look and well-toned body. But not everyone has the time and money for gym sessions, high-protein diets or surgical treatments. A new-age workout formula, Zumba, a calorie-burning dance-fitness party developed by […]

Raw Pressery – Juicing

Raw Pressery is a new health juice brand that has specialised in cold-pressed vegetable and fruit drinks. These drinks eschew preservatives, chemicals and sugar. Raw Pressery was started by Mumbai-based AnujRakyan who isa fitness crusader behind Raw Pressery. He started to get the juicing habit that he developed when he was working and stayingin New […]