Floor Lamps To Brighten Up Your Room, Mood, and Quick Make over

When we think of interiors we talk about the mood we want to set in a particular room. The most important aspect to be kept in mind while trying to reflect a mood of the room is lighting. This one attribute can change the entire ambience and will affect the décor is several ways. There […]

Top 10 Inexpensive Innovative Designs For Quick Bathroom Makeover

Bathrooms are the places for relaxation. For most of us those are the best few minutes we spend with ourselves. So, it’s necessary to have a good ambience in our relaxation spots. Don’t undermine the effect of a cosy and renewed bathroom. It will not only make your visits more often but also make your […]

Top 10 colour Combinations: Walls and Furniture

Colour contrasts make for eclectic and exotic looking homes. Mixing and matching contrasting colours can be daunting and messy. Most people play it safe and choose neutral colours like beige and creams to do up their walls, furniture and furnishings. However, with these suggestions below you can feel free to be a daredevil and choose […]