Top 10 Bollywood Bridal Jewelry Moments!!

The Big Fat Indian weddings are known for its magnificent celebrations, opulence in decor, clothes, food, music, and jewelry being the most important factor. Jewelry was and always will be the highlight of any Indian wedding. Months before the D day, the bride-to-be, starts planning her dresses and jewelry to go with it, and while […]

Kerala Christian Wedding Sarees You Will Fall In Love With!!

Weddings! The very sound of the word gives us a feeling of ecstasy. What is it about weddings that mesmerizes and attracts? Nothing is so jubilantly celebrated as this union of a man and a woman. Every Culture has its own customs and traditions for the weddings. The wedding day is one of the most […]

Bridal Inspirations From Bollywood Movies

Have you ever looked up to a Bollywood beauty and thought to yourself Damn, I wish I could look like that? Today we are taking some inspiration from those beautiful Bollywood brides and decoding their look. So if you are a bride-to-be, then you are in for a treat. The South Indian Bride Deepika Padukone […]

10 Bridal Footwear Options In Flats

Okay, so your big day’s just around the corner and you’re weary of putting on those stilettos underneath your lehanga? Yes, it hurts! Those long hours of standing on your heels can take its toll on your back. Moreover, Indian weddings are not just about the wedding day and reception. Right from mehendi, sangeet and […]

Bridal Hairstyles : Floral Buns

Flowers have always been an essential element of bridal wear. Right from decorating the venue to being an important part of the traditional wedding rituals, flowers are pretty much indispensable. Loved for their beauty and fragrance, flowers also have other significance in many cultures including those of the south Indian states of Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil […]